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Hello Community, here is great news from Micore Intl CEO!!!

You have to check the website, you will be very thrilled with the upgrades.

Check out our video at


Ready to get started, just  contact me at juniques@jusmcc



Independent Micore Intl Hair Consultant




WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! It’s probably been a while since you visited our MAIN site now is a great time to catch up!

In a few hours or days you will each have your own replicated version of this new site, except your site will have a Retail Shopping Cart embedded in it! THEN your customers can order online from a REAL e-commerce cart! (Sorry for the wait but it will be worth it!)

They are also working on a new Capture Page system with Auto-responder emails for you to use for advertising! (All of your Micoré Prospects have been saved and will be in the new email system)

Your new Consultant replicated website WILL BE (not yet): or

The Corporate Site will be on our main domain, with your replicated sites being on the abbreviated domain!

OUR MAIN FOCUS right now is releasing your new replicated website with shopping cart!

Our #2 focus is RE-ACTIVATING all of those who are ready for Micoré #2!

This email is going to all registered Micoré Consultants, Active and In-Active. ALL of you can login to the new Micoré BackOffice and browse around! (Using your normal Micoré login credentials. Soon a password LOOKUP tool will be added to the login page for those who can’t remember their passwords)


Many new things will be added into the BackOffice over the next few days & weeks!


ALL Members can SHOP in the BackOffice! Login and click on ORDERS then PLACE ORDER!


In-Active Members cannot earn Commission, but they can buy product at wholesale for themselves, or to sell at retail to others. (Active Members will receive commission from any In-Active purchasers)


Those In-Active Members who are excited about where Micoré is going now and want to RE-ACTIVATE can do so for only $19.95. (As soon as the Re-Activate link is ready)





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Everything in this world seem to cost. I have been researching the World Wide Webb for around 4 years for making more money opportunities and I have found so many scams, programs to join that cost anywhere from $25 -$499 and up to $5000 or more just to join  not even getting set up,or after I got in that I was not interested in it.

Once I got there I did not know what to do and of course if I needed help it cost more money, more money, and more money; I am talking about at the beginning everyone know on down the road you need to upgrade to improve your quantity of money but at the beginning it sometimes for some people ( especially with the economy and people business having to close) it needs to have a very low cost to get started and free would be great but you also need most of the time especially at the very beginning someone to either hold your hand showing you or give you setup by step easy to understand and be able to follow instructions so you will have your foundation set right to make your money grow like you want it too. Most of the time even when you pay all the money they want you to shell out you still don't get the complete blue print of step by step instructions to follow through with.

But I have found it and it is Free to join and Free step by step video instruction so simple as though you may not be experienced with the internet or working on a computer. 

Just listen and follow the Complete instructions and soon you will be making money for your self or for your business. You might need to upgrade your brick and mortar business or your internet business but what ever you need or want the extra money for this will help you. This one is for real so if you would like to check it out for your self or for a friend here is the link: http// 

Don't shut down now just follow through with it completely and give your self a chance to change your life style or help keep your life style up that your or already use too.

Oh, Very Important in the beginning make sure you write down on your agenda or calendar the date you are suppose to cancel subscriptions if you indeed want to cancel and than cancel before the end of the free trial or You will be Charged a Fee for the subscription you forgot to Cancel. These are companies that already have a large marketing budget for you to subscribe to there free trials. 

Go to this link  and it will fully and completely explain every detail of what, when, where, and how to get started making You some Money. It will take a little bit of your time to get set up but once completed you will be set up than all that is out the way and you than or only spending a couple a hours a day to bring in a couple hundred a day depending on how much you really want to obtain. One hour might be fine for you every other day; you know your goals and how much you will want to be earning daily, weekly, and monthly.




Focus on what You Want and Believe You will Achieve it.

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Todd Falcone is one of the Top Money Earners in the marketing arena.  For the First Time Ever, Todd Falcone is
Releasing His ENTIRE SCRIPT LIBRARY to the MASSES (or…at least those that are smart enough to pick this up before he decides to cut this offer for good.

Are you having problems recruiting a prospect, then following up with them?  After following up, which is key, you must pick up the phone and have a conversation with that prospect.  Don't know what to say? 



I used to sweat profusely at the thought of picking up the phone and sounding like a nit-wit. My mouth would dry up like the desert every time my phone would ring from an ad call or prospect. I was scared to death.....Todd Falcone


Todd has a TON of information in this book. Plus, he's backed it all up by providing specific training on each script as he goes page by page through the entire book and show you exactly how he would read each script.


If you would like to discover his secrets in the "Little Black Book of Scripts" on prospecting and closing them, click on the link below to learn how!


Sheila Caldwell

Network Marketer













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Methods To Make Money Online For Zero Cost

By: Marilena Frasineanu

A large number of people need to work for more money online by affiliate marketing programs and also internet marketing services. Usually factor all the people need to make money online free is always the fact that these are experiencing struggles and even don't currently have any capital to be able to get started with and as a result simply cannot find the money for to pay out any! If this is the actual situation which usually you locate your self in utilizing small amount of assets but a lot of commitment in that case here is simply a tactic that you can easily make money online by using tiny or simply absolutely no outgoings.

1st of all most people discover an affiliate program for example like ClickBank and set up a account to deliver their particular programs. By using promoting digital services you are really not even engaged with the sale as well as and so you do not need to mail things, deal with business partners and / or get involved after all. Once the sale is done, you just obtain usually commission rate and get started which will make money online.

Once you have opted what service or product or perhaps products and services you wish for to advertise - possibly you really want to target along just one selected niche - it follows that you may easily start off promoting these.

Therefore any no-cost techniques about undertaking this might be by way of choosing many of the free web sites (social sites) who are accessible online. Regarding starters, you could create a blog or a web site utilizing a quantity of blog hosts, but I have observed that blogger drives me lots of perfect efficient traffic (i.e. I arise in search results without need of having to pay off). In the event that you always maintain upgrading your webpage having correct website content and also utilize useful keywords and phrases in your articles next you are probably to gain traffic going to your blog / website. Create a couple of blogs / websites in varied niches whenever you would like to own even more over only one; that may will certainly allow you to positively get more rapidly to make money online.

With regard to combination with your blog / websites add in several article marketing. Generate valuable plus instructive articles relating to your niche together with a link to your blog / website. Be sure that you improve all the products and services effectively present in your blog / website and furthermore you can certainly begin making money online quickly.

Add into this a few free web pages. A great case is to create web pages or 'lenses' in Squidoo. You can essentially build as many pages as you like on many ideas. At the same time make those attractive, cooperate with the target audience, attach image samples and a excellent page will create you targeted traffic. You may make use of these kinds of webpages to be able to backlink to all your articles as well as your blog / website and in addition precisely promote your services.

So there really are a a couple of tactics of making money online for free. It does indeed require a lot of difficult efforts to stand up along with running and continue offering real useful resources however , with the help of really hard work you really are always going to have great results!

Author Resource:-> Find here Practical Ideas On How To Make Money Online for 100 % Free that will help you in your internet marketing efforts. Our home business ideas will help you start your own home business.

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untitledWith the economy being in a state of turmoil and with so many people losing their jobs, people are looking for other means to make money. There are so many opportunities that we receive to take a look at on a daily basis, it can sometimes be overwhelming. One thing that I would recommend that you look at is your "passion". What is it that you enjoy doing, and would do even if you did not get paid for it? Many people just jump into opportunity to make fast money. They want or need the money right now, today! That is not the best way to go, especially if you truly want to make money.Over the years, I have made some mistakes about joining opportunities that were not really for me. I just wanted to make money. My thinking has changed a great deal because now I know that it's not all about the opportunity, but about my passion. You too can find your passion by writing down what it is you enjoy and then looking for opportunities that fit your criteria.I have found that I cannot sit around waiting for someone to "save" me. The government in the USA is in debt billions of dollars. Even though President Obama is giving breaks to a select few, it does not take one out of their current debt situation. If you want to survive and make it in this economy, you must take it upon yourself and make it happen. Not trying to dampen your day, but give you insight on our current state and how you can help yourself.I just recently noticed that gas prices are starting to increase. Of course, it always happens when summer hits. No one really has a good reason for this increase. Last year, we were told that gas prices increased due to the drilling of more well holes. So, I guess this only occurs during the summer months(lol).If you are serious about making some money, start with getting a grasp on steps needed for this to happen. I wanted to learn more about making money on-line, so I picked up an E-Book that keeps me on track daily. It's called "The Black Folks Guide To Making Big Money On The Internet". No, you do not have to be black to get the benefits of what this E-Book offers. The title was created based on the mission of the Black Business Builders Club. Which is to uplift and support black businesses.This E-Book is packed with information on how to make money on the Internet. I have my own personal copy of this E-Book and must say it's awesome. It's packed with 300 pages of content on how to start, market and grow your existing businesses. I mainly use it as a daily reference to keep me on track with my marketing efforts for my businesses. This E-Book is for you if your making money or not on the internet. Start, grow or market your business today!To learn more, check out the audio postcard get the E-Book at a discounted rate, use code BBBBFG.Get E-Book Here - a GREAT week!
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Hope everyone had a great weekend, and that we remembered the reason for this celebration.Please remember to join me tomorrow night for the BLACK SHOPPING CHANNEL PHONE CALL at 1-616-347-8300 code 439597# 8.p.mWe are trying to create one of the biggest AFRICAN AMERICAN shopping mall on the net. A one stop shop for everything that you might need. Whether it's a product or a service. Why not spend some of the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS that we spend each year with each other? Why help other business to become successful when we can be helping our communities? This is how it should be each one helping each one. Where else can you get an estore for $369 where you are able to showcase your product or service without any other fees? you don't have to build the site, you don't have to pay monthly hosting fees, you don't have to pay credit card fees? To get you started they even have you paying a deposit if you can(they also have zero financing) and pay it off over 90 days? THEY WANT TO PUT YOU IN BUSINESS and help you make $100 to put others in business as well. THIS IS ALL ABOUT US!!So join me, make sure you give me Thelma a shout out if you are there. My code if you join by just going to the site is 9046463794. LET'S DO THIS!!!
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Beginning Silversmithing Class

This class is taught with aminimum of tools and cost.You will be supplied with all the tools, supplies, and sterling silver!You will design your own ring.You will design and solder your sterling silver project!You will polish your sterling silver project!You will learn all the basic techniques of silversmithingand goldsmithing in this class!I teach a different method for doing just about everything in jewelry making.after my class you will have the knowledge necessary to be a successful silversmith.For More Information On Up Coming Class Please E-Mail Mesonia@firehazardbeads.comWeekend Classes starting as low as $ 250 for 2 days OR $ 350 for 3 days.including the Silver for 1 project per day.
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Note to Self - "09 Is Mine"

Out with the old and in with the new, a long lived tradition of many people across theworld. Every New Year many people start off with a resolution but even fewer gothrough with it. For some, the pressure of simply saying it gives them a feeling of dread.Why do that to yourself? Why not give yourself permission to succeed? So instead of along list of to-do’s, simply write yourself a note.You don’t have to start off with many notes. In fact give yourself permission to only havetwo or three notes at first. As you accomplish them, give yourself a new note. Make sureyou select the best stationary that you can afford at the time. As you grow, yourstationary may also reflect your growth.Sit down in a quite place and really think about what it is that you wish to accomplish. Besure to write down these important facts in the note:1. What to you wish to accomplish2. Why do you want to do this3. When is the accomplishment date4. Who will benefit from its completion5. Where will you be when it is doneEverything we do in life has a plan. Not doing anything with your life at all – that, is yourplan. If you are making $250,000 a year – that is your plan. No matter the day or time, besure that you are following a plan. So instead of making grand statements of what youwill do this year, start off with an achievable approach first. No more resolutions andlofty promises. Simply write a note to yourself. When you change your outlook andperception on life the things around you will reflect your positive affirmation and mentalattitude. You will change not only yourself but those around you.The way in which you go about life determines what you receive. Instead of saying, “Iwant to lose 20 pounds” without having a plan other than the phrase, “I will go on a diet”your success rate will be low. But stating that you will change your lifestyle by eatinghealthy foods and exercising by a certain date, you will get there. Maybe you wish tohave a make over. Select fashion that is appropriate for your body shape, age and place inlife. If you are striving to be an executive this year, dress the part. If you have a morelabor intensive job, get a more modern and fresh haircut.When you decide to act on a note to self, jot down the date you start, goal date andaccomplishment date in the corner as a visual. As you achieve each one, don’t throw itaway. Instead, keep it until the end of the year. From time to time, take a moment to lookat your notes and at all that you have accomplished. Being able to visualize youraccomplishments may be hard for some, so when you are able to look at your notes in aphysical form, you are now able to see what success looks like. When you are able to seewhat success looks like, you are able to see it more clearly each time you strive for the next goal.Be sure to reward yourself for each note completed. One way you can do this is to get acharm bracelet. Select a charm to add to the bracelet each time you are successful. Orderflowers for yourself and have them delivered to your job with a note that says I’m proudof you. This is another positive reaffirmation of your accomplishments.Your brain is your body’s computer. Inputting data is vital. The better the data, the betteryour reports and statistics will be. If you are putting in junk and visiting the wrongwebsite, don’t be surprised when you get a virus. Being around like-minded people isalso very important. If you have an issue with eating the proper foods, being aroundpeople who only eat junk food will not help you. Spending time with your friends wholove to eat fresh fruits and veggies, will give you a jump start on your note to self, eachtime. They will share with you bits of wisdom that they have gathered along the path ofhealthy eating, thus, changing your life, by touching those around them. There’s two oldexpression that come to mind – when you lay down with dogs you get flees and birds ofa feather flock together. Well, the same holds true in day-to-day life. Having a mentorand being around those that you wish to learn from is always a sign of a person whowishes to succeed.So as 2009 begins, begin your life on a positive note. Write down all the things that youare thankful for. You may be surprised at what you have accomplished already.
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