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Do you have the skills to market to $11.8 Trillion MultiCultural Marketplace?

Juniques MultiCultural Connections ( is pleased to share information, that will help any business owner, that want to be part of trillion dollar business to business and business to consumer, multicultural marketplace.

JMCC offers multilingual/multicultural online radio and television. Come see and hear the global audience we are part of. ( )

Multicultural marketing (also known as ethnic marketing or cross-cultural marketing) is the practice of marketing to one or more audiences of a specific ethnicity, typically an ethnicity outside of a country's majority culture, which is sometimes called the "general market."


Typically, multicultural marketing takes advantage of the ethnic group's different cultural referents such as; language, traditions, celebrations, religion and any other concepts, to communicate to and persuade that audience.

The reasons for multicultural advertising People tend to live within their cultural boundaries; i.e., people have their own cultural values and norms, which influence the way

they think, feel and act.

People in a particular ethnic group tend to share the language, customs, values, and social views, and these influence people’s cognitive (beliefs and motives), affective (emotion and attitude) and behavioral (purchase and consumption) processes.

Based on this notion of “advertising as a mirror,” cultural values and standards are implanted in ads in such a way that consumers can “see themselves” and identify with the characters in the ads and feel affinity with the brands.

Multicultural marketing can have a positive influence on "mainstream" marketing in a variety of ways: Innovation:

Charting a multicultural marketing strategy goes beyond identifying communications programs and promotions tailored to these markets.  

Multicultural marketing is an engine for innovation.

Growth: If multicultural segments are growing at higher rates than the general population, it implies that they are also consuming most products at higher rates than the rest

Globalization: Once a corporation acknowledges the value of multicultural marketing and begins investing in research and development of products and new marketing capabilities, these can be leveraged in the global environment.

Skills required

It is suggested that the following skills are required in the field of multicultural marketing.

1.To spot patterns that allow subcultures to be grouped together, so that a common marketing strategy may be extended to several subcultures in a group (“transcultural” marketing)

2.To develop a distinct marketing strategy for each subculture, if there is a significantly distinct cultural dimension that is

important to the specific culture (multicultural marketing)

3.To further segment audiences in a subculture, if needed, in terms of cultural affinity, cultural identity or acculturation level

(tactical adaptation within a subculture)

4.To develop parameters of culturally acceptable marketing stimuli; and

5.To establish a protocol for measuring cultural effectiveness of the stimuli.

Creating a multicultural marketing strategy

Multicultural marketing focuses on customizing messaging and marketing channels for each target group, as opposed to simply

translating a general message into different languages, or including token representation of different ethnic groups in imagery.

Multicultural marketing is also complicated by the degree of mainstream cultural assimilation within ethnic groups themselves.

Some segments, such as recent immigrants, may highly prefer use of their mother tongue, have limited proficiency in the local language, and be highly geographically concentrated.

Other groups, such as second-generation individuals born in the new homeland, may be bicultural but have less proficiency in their parent's mother tongue and be more geographically dispersed.

An ethnic marketing strategy is developed around the values and attitudes distinctive to a particular ethnic group, and generally includes the following aspects:

Identification and collaboration with community leaders

The promotion of culture, symbols and celebrations important to a precise target Enhancing and focusing on the cultural uniqueness of ethnic group

1) Understand cultural differences in communication patterns, values, and behavior in the target ethnicities.  


2) Assess cultural affinity among ethnic audiences.


3) Segment the ethnic audiences based on the level of cultural affinity.


4) Evaluate the need for adjustments in strategy and tactics.  


5) Explore culturally acceptable/unacceptable, sensitive/insensitive advertising messages among the identified segments.


6) Develop the most effective and efficient advertising tactics targeted to the identified segments.


7) Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns among different target segments. This process is also known as ethnic marketing.

Pioneers Pioneers in the field of multicultural marketing include Madam C. J. Walker, African-American businesswoman, hair care

entrepreneur,Procter and Gamble, Mc Donald's,Pepsi cola and Benetton, and the entrepreneur Francesco Costa with My Own Media and ISI

Holding in the foreigner services sector, Joseph Assaf with Ethnic Business Awards, Alan M. Powell CEO of AP & Associates


JMCC offers multilingual/multicultural online radio and television. Come see and hear the global audience we are part of. ( )


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  •  Get your Hair Business started for $19.95
    Here is a great example of how you can create yourself some GREAT income
    with Micore Intl!!!
    While we wait on the Retail Shopping Cart to come online, let’s not forget Micoré is NOT just about RETAILING! Selling hair to your own clients sounds nice and prestigious, but what is more important….a BUSINESS CARD….. or a BIG CHECK?

    If you had 10 clients buy hair from you each week, and you averaged $50 per client, you’d earn $500. At $75 per client that’s $750. Yet in order to have 10 clients buying from you every week….you’d have to have 60 clients consistently buying from you every 6 weeks! THAT’S NOT EASY TO DO FOR ANYONE! For $750 a week?

    What if you signed up 10 Consultants into Micoré?
    You give up the Coded Bonus on your first 2, and are “Coded” to everyone you enroll after your first 2! SO YOU’D BE CODED TO 8 NEW CONSULTANTS, RIGHT?

    Those 10 pay anywhere from $19.95 to $325.00 to enroll!
    3 pay $325.00 ($81.25+$32.50= $113.75) Total $341.25
    2 pay $175.00 ($43.75+$17.50= $61.25) Total $122.50
    1 pays $195.00 ($48.75+$19.50= $68.25) Total $68.25
    2 pay $70.00 ($17.50+$7.00= $24.50) Total $49.00
    2 pay $19.95 (your 1st two paid $19.95)
    YOU EARNED $581.00
    (25% Fast Start + 10% Coded Bonus in above examples)

    (REMEMBER: If someone Joins for $325 Product Pack. All they have to do is enroll 4 New Consultants for $325 each and that NEW REP earns $390!
    ($81.25 x 4 + $32.50 x 2 = $390!)

    Not bad, and of course the numbers could be higher or lower, but look what happens NEXT….

    The 8 Consultants you are Coded to are on a MISSION to get 4 each…and YOU are Motivated to HELP THEM because their FIRST 2 go to you!

    Those 8 each enroll at least 2 each….so they bring you 16!
    Now those 8 have done their job and you have 16 to work with!
    (Not that you have to help each one of them!)
    Those 16 bring you 32 New Coded Consultants….3rd GEN
    Those 32 bring you 64 New Coded Consultants….4th GEN
    Those 64 bring you 128 New Coded Consultants….5th GEN
    Those 128 bring you 256 New Coded Consultants….6th GEN
    Those 256 bring you 512 New Coded Consultants….7th GEN
    What if 100 of them sold or purchased $300 in hair in month?
    $30,000 x 10% Coded Bonus means YOU EARNED $3,000!
    What if you did that weekly?
    What if 200 of them purchased or sold hair or products? 500?
    What if the average purchase was $400 instead of $300?

    Let’s not forget that this is only ONE of the ways Micoré PAYS!

    Can you see how HUGE it can become if you choose to BUILD A TEAM?

    Retailing BY YOURSELF is much harder!

    Learn the NEW Micoré Compensation Plan using this simple flip chart:
    (A more detailed version with “fine print” is coming soon)

    Get your Prospects on 3-ways with your upline…
    Invite your Prospects to the Conference Calls…
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    DOWNLOAD the Micoré Hair Prices!
    Take orders in person, over phone, or fax!
    Have them pay you, then you order?
    WHATEVER IT TAKES is the POINT I’m making!

    (Use your same login as the old system)

    Let’s get busy and BUILD!!!!!

    To your success,

    Derrick Alexander, CEO

    There are currently 5 ways to JOIN MICORÉ in the system!
    $19.95 New Consultant
    $70.00 Enhanceher/him 1-bottle (Plus $19.95 = $99.95) FREE S&H
    $195.00 Enhanceher/him 3-bottles (Plus $19.95+$12S&H = $214.95 total)
    $175.00 IndiSylk Short Pack (Plus $19.95+$12S&H = $206.95 total)
    $325.00 IndiSylk Long Pack (Plus $19.95+$12S&H = $356.95 total)
    More Product Packs COMING SOON  Get your Hair Business started for $19.95
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Remember that old Biz Markie song, ♪ "You, you got what I neeeed...." ♫.  Don't you wish that every time your ideal client or customer saw your stuff online that song would just automatically pop up in their head?

If you don't, you should.  Because that means you've made the right connection.  See it works like this...


But often we just focus on the first part of the equation - what we want to sell.

The fact is it can be pretty time consuming to do market research, but it's crucial to your business.  It's just one of those things you've got to do.  Otherwise, you can spend a lot of time creating products and promoting services no one will every buy.

You know my answer to almost everything when it comes to saving time, right?  Turn your research into a system, (my quick definition?  a system is a set of repeated activities you can map out, delegate and automate to get similar results).

Where Should You Start?

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step for most solo service providers. It helps you understand what people are searching for online and what words they are using. There are numerous tools that can help you do this research, including Google’s own AdWords keyword tool, a free and paid tool from Wordtracker, and a popular software program called Market Samurai.

It takes a little practice to learn to do keyword research well, but knowing the most commonly searched terms will help you target the problems that people are facing. It also means you can optimize any content you create, helping it rank in the search engines.

Study Problems People Are Facing

When you know the problems people are facing in your target market, you can create solutions. Solutions sell. Look at the questions people are asking and why they are asking them. Look for the places your target market hangs out, like forums or Facebook groups, and listen in.  You might even create a list using a tool like Evernote or Google Drive.  I call this list my R&D (research & development) list.

Other places people don't really think about are YouTube videos and Amazon books.  What's popular?  What are people talking about around the topic you're interested in promoting?  Watch the discussions that take place and the questions asked. If there are problems that people consistently talk about, you’ve just found a great opportunity to provide a solution.


Paint a Portrait of Your Customers

It helps to paint a portrait of your ideal customer in as much detail as possible. This isn’t necessarily a visual picture, though some people do that, but one that describes little details about them. What are their demographics, such as age, gender, occupation, where they live, etc? What is some of the lingo they use? Do they tend to have similar interests or hobbies? Write it all down. Some marketers even keep this list in front of them whenever they write anything for or to their customers.

While it can take what seems like a lot of time, having a system you use to do market research can save you from sinking a fortune in time and money in a doomed project. The more market research you do from the start to understand your market, the less risk you face and the more likely they'll be singing your song loud and clear. ;)

In my lunch time series coming up I'll share a few more tips on how to create great, but simple systems for your biz.  Get on the "notify me" list now so you get reminders.  

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Hello Community, here is great news from Micore Intl CEO!!!

You have to check the website, you will be very thrilled with the upgrades.

Check out our video at


Ready to get started, just  contact me at juniques@jusmcc



Independent Micore Intl Hair Consultant




WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! It’s probably been a while since you visited our MAIN site now is a great time to catch up!

In a few hours or days you will each have your own replicated version of this new site, except your site will have a Retail Shopping Cart embedded in it! THEN your customers can order online from a REAL e-commerce cart! (Sorry for the wait but it will be worth it!)

They are also working on a new Capture Page system with Auto-responder emails for you to use for advertising! (All of your Micoré Prospects have been saved and will be in the new email system)

Your new Consultant replicated website WILL BE (not yet): or

The Corporate Site will be on our main domain, with your replicated sites being on the abbreviated domain!

OUR MAIN FOCUS right now is releasing your new replicated website with shopping cart!

Our #2 focus is RE-ACTIVATING all of those who are ready for Micoré #2!

This email is going to all registered Micoré Consultants, Active and In-Active. ALL of you can login to the new Micoré BackOffice and browse around! (Using your normal Micoré login credentials. Soon a password LOOKUP tool will be added to the login page for those who can’t remember their passwords)


Many new things will be added into the BackOffice over the next few days & weeks!


ALL Members can SHOP in the BackOffice! Login and click on ORDERS then PLACE ORDER!


In-Active Members cannot earn Commission, but they can buy product at wholesale for themselves, or to sell at retail to others. (Active Members will receive commission from any In-Active purchasers)


Those In-Active Members who are excited about where Micoré is going now and want to RE-ACTIVATE can do so for only $19.95. (As soon as the Re-Activate link is ready)





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Start your Hair Business for $19.95 details

RED, WHITE & BLUE, NAWOSB Wants YOU......Women Business Owners

NAWOSB invite you and other Women Business Owners to join us as we launch our Chapters throughout Metro Atlanta!!!

NAWOSB educates women owned companies about certifications and contract opportunities at all levels of government and commercial markets.

  • Come out to meet and greet our Chapter Presidents, other women professionals and company owners.
  • Hear why this is the best time for women to be in business and do business with the government.
  • Promote your company to others; expose your business in a different city or county.

Whether you are just starting your business or a seasoned company...there is something for you to hear, see and do at these launches!!


Choose the chapter location & date of the launch event(s) you will attend: Duluth (July 18), Kennesaw (July 23), Morrow (July 24) or Douglasville (July 30). PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED-purchase your event tickets TODAY, $13pp/per location*. At the door=$20

* Fee includes event registration, refreshments, networking.

Network, eat, introduce your company-we would love to meet you and hear how NAWOSB can support you in obtaining certifications and contracts!


Giveaways, networking, door prizes and more!


SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES are available if you would like to speak at these events and showcase your products/services-call or email us for details.

For more information on NAWOSB see our website or call 678.468.7862

We look forward to seeing you & hope you will join us for a great time!

Tammie Bailey-Fults, CEO-NAWOSB


Date & Time

Thursday, July 18 at 6:30 PM (EDT)


            JOE'S CRAB SHACK Multiple Locations-Duluth, Kennesaw, Morrow & Douglasville (Chapter launches at these locations, various dates


Start your Hair Business for $19.95 details

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Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~ Dale Carnegie


Not knowing what to say or how to get marketing messages in front of an attentive audience  are common reasons entrepreneurs cite as reasons why their marketing content isn't done or performing

well.Speak your mind even when your voice shakes by Maggie Kuhn

But, I've found that it's not that we don't know what to do or even how, It's being too afraid to do it in the first place.

If I told you it took me 3 years to get up the courage to hit send on my newsletter without being anxious or posting an article and looking forward to the comments, you might hesitate to believe me.

But it's true! As a former introvert, standing out in front has always been a battle for me.

However, I learned early on to do it afraid. Now, for me that often meant taking time to find the courage to do the thing. But, I always did it... eventually. There is a lot less anxiety in being in front of the computer screen versus a room full of people.

However, the vulnerability you feel is the same in both cases. It can be a scary thing to release content on the web. For some, writing something crappy, hearing our own recorded voice  or seeing ourselves on camera for the first time makes us cringe and hide in our cushy little home offices stuck in our brilliance. Still, there are other reasons people get stuck in fear of creating content like...

  • You don't want to give away too much
  • Can't keep up with the demand of a content publishing schedule
  • Not enough ideas
  • Too many ideas and not knowing where to start

But, I have seen the light and I want to share with you some principles that helped be shake my fear of sharing my content with the world.

Focus on your passion for helping others through your knowledge and expertise. The advise you often hear for public speaking is if you know what you're talking about, it becomes easier. And, the more you do it the easier it gets. The same is true for stepping out online. I credit Kathy Brandon, the Happiness Chick and CEO of R4H Group for helping me realize I was playing small. She told me I was "shadowboxing". I was hiding my greatness by working for great people and not stepping into my full potential. So, a new website went up with my face plastered all over it and now I'm saying to the world "This is me, this is what I know and I want to share it with you!". Thanks Kathy!

Practice imperfect action. If it's crappy let it go. Another Achilles heel is trying to make it perfect before releasing it.  I can't tell you how many emails I've gotten from some of my favorite internet marketing "cool kids" with errors and mistakes. And you know what? They send a correction email to follow up their error and keep it movin'. I just love that! Maybe for you the design isn't quite the way you want it, or you want to add this or that. Just let it go. Perfection is a fantasy and a success killer. Practice taking imperfect action and tweaking things for improvement while in motion. You'll find that people want you to succeed and are more than willing to give you feedback on how to better your communications with them.

Believe in yourself, no matter what. Don't get lost in other people's disbelief. Think of how many successful people you admire had doors closed and were told they could not do something. Now consider yourself one of them and keep it movin'.

Trust yourself more that you trust the advice of others. It's easy to look at the outside trimmings of someone's success and think they know more than you and choose what worked for them versus what's best for you. Trust your instincts and your vision. Try your way. If it fails tweak it, if it fails again try plan B and keep it movin'. If Steve Jobs would have followed conventional wisdom and chose not to drop out of college. He would have missed sitting in on a seminar that opened his mind to think different and the world may have never known iPods, iPhones and personal computing as we know it. Think about it! Trust Yourself!

Focus on making meaning not money.Okay, I am not saying money is not important. But, when your focus is on money, that comes through in your marketing and prospects can smell it a mile away. Their buyer's objection goes up and sales fly away. Focus instead on providing value that makes people's lives and business better and they will reward you with your business and tell others. These are some of the ways I've been able to push past fear and live out my passions. I hope they inspire you to step out and play a bigger game in your life and business.

What are some ways you've been able to increase confidence in your content? What advice can you add to help others shake off fear and step into their greatness?

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What every busy entrepreneur needs to know about building a highly profitable list

Having a list don't mean a thing if it don't go "ka-ching", at least at some point.

Getting subscribers is only half the battle. The purpose of building a list is so you can have an audience to service and sell to. But, there is an art to it. And the frequency and techniques you use can vary depending on your niche and the preferences of your audience.

So how do you get your subscribers to take action on what you have to say and sell?

You take the "Content Marketing"

Let's look at some options:

1. Know Your Audience:

I know the "niche it" mantra is an echo heard around the web, but it's critical that you get this part right. If the wrong people are on your list, it won't matter the strategy. Your results will be dismal and make you feel like, "Yeah, right! This list building stuff is a bunch of crap!" Get to know them and their challenges clearly. But not as a collective "audience".

Profile your ideal client and speak to them directly when you're creating your opt-in gift or any other type of content.

2. Know Your End Game:

How does your free offer step them through the process of making a decision to buy from you? So, many people miss this. You can't just throw together a free eBook, report audio without knowing what how it fits into profit. You need to be clear on your business model and how each piece connects to the other. Creating a marketing funnel will help you do this.

3. Know Your Next Step:

Sandwiched between knowing your "target audience" and "end game", is knowing what you want your target customer to act on next. This step should be strategically designed to get them closer to doing business with you. Now, this next step can be implemented in a few different ways:

  • Creating an O.T.O (One Time Offer) that someone sees right after they sign up...
  • Adding a call to action graphic, or blurb at the beginning & end of your offer...
  • Adding your offer to your thank you page...

4. Host Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Teleclasses or Webinars

Speak on a topic of interest to your audience. Choose the format that you are most comfortable with. (And in case you are saying neither, I'm going to challenge you to step out and choose one.) Hosting free classes are great because they have a "perceived value" factor. I call it that because even if people don't attend, the fact that you do them regularly inspires credibility in your customer's mind. The other benefit is that you can use your classes to highlight how a particular solution can help them resolve their issues. Now, they feel like they know you and you can pitch your offer at the end of each session. Set a goal and watch your income go BOOM!

5. Finesse your Follow-Up:

Of course you know following up with your list is a must. But, it can be hard to keep up with or even to know where to start. If you did the work in key 1-3 above, this process will become super easy. Just having an email go out with some random message, isn't going to cut it either. The point is, the more you stay on your prospects radar (with value) the better your results will be.

Now, the steps I've outlines here is not hardcore stuff. And, I will guess that you may need additional guidance on implementing it. Don't worry, in the next post, I will dig a little deeper. For now, meditate on this and sign up below for this series where I flesh out this topic and more...



content to cash master class virtual seminar series

Join me to launch & learn how to design, market & deliver juicy opt-in offers that make your prospects crave & take action on what you have to say & sell in this…

30 Minute Teleclass Series

(Hurry & Register Now)

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions." - Ken Blanchard

And as a champion of your success, I'd be honored if you let me know what you thought about this article. Your tips, advice and comments are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

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Juniques offers Justalk, the service that allow you to


Receive calls on your cellphone from loveones in jail or prison.

Get a Free Collect call coupon from us.

Serving AZ, CA, CO, HI, and PA


Why can't inmates normally call cell phones from jails and prisons?

Jails and prisons typically require all outgoing inmate calls to be collect calls. Cellular phones cannot receive collect calls.

Can I receive collect calls on my cell phone from jails with Just Talk?

Yes. You can use the regular Just Talk service to receive collect calls from jails on your cell phone.

Can I receive collect calls from prisons with Just Talk?

Yes. You can receive collect calls from prison on your cell phone using the regular Just Talk service. If the facility totally prohibits any calls to cell phones, then Just Talk offers a VOIP Service for use with landlines which can still offer significant savings.

Which phones can I use with Just Talk: cell phones? Landline phones? Internet phone like Skype?

You can receive collect calls on cell phones, landline phones, and Internet phone like Skype using the regular Just Talk service.

Do I need a new cell phone number?

No. You can use your existing cellular phone with Just Talk.

Will I be billed for collect calls?

No. You will not be billed by your landline or cellular-phone company for any collect calls.

Do I need to register the Just Talk number with prison or jail?

Jails typically do not require phone numbers to be registered before calls can be made by inmates. You can typically start receiving calls from jails as soon as you provide your Just Talk number to the inmate immediately. Prisons often require phone numbers to be registered with the facility before calls can be made. Simply provide the Just Talk number along with other required documentation.

Do I need a separate prepaid account with the prison or jail?

Just Talk does not require you to have a prepaid account with the prison or jail.

How can I add money to my account?

You can make payments using a credit card, debit card, money order or cash. •Use Visa or MasterCard credit cards on the website, over phone, or at a retail location. •Use a prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card by calling or visit a retail location (prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card cannot be used on the website). •Use cash at a retail location or ACE Cash Express store. Customer service can provide the instructions over the phone. •You can find locations of our retail partners using our store locator.

If the prison specifically prohibits calls to cell phones, third-party or relayed calls, can I still us Just Talk?

Yes. Just Talk has a VOIP service that can offer significant savings while still complying with prison regulations prohibiting calls to cell phones, for third-party or relayed calls, such as the Arizona Department of Corrections order 1.4.2. To use the SIP VOIP service, you need a SIP VOIP ATA device or a SIP VOIP telephone, which can both be purchased directly from Just Talk Communications. SIP VOIP customers will only have one phone number and no calls are forwarded or relayed to another phone number. The phone number will be a fully qualified Qwest telephone number with directory assistance listing with collect call capability.


Get a Free Collect Call Coupon today

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Micore Intl is positioned to be a leader in the hair care business and help a lot of people earn and save money, on buying of hair extensions and hair growth products.   Our latest hair growth product is one that many people with hair growth problems will be using. We are providing the best hair growth product found in the cosmeceutical industry.

click here and get your own Hair Business for $19.95



Until know it was expensive to investigate starting your own hair extension business. Your options were extremely limited. There is no longer the case. Check this company out and then check it in!!

Start your own Hair Business for only $19.95 month!

Independent Micoré International Business owner and Hair Consultant Juniques 623-455-6364

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We are officially a 501(c)(3) organization

we have been working hard for the past year, building our numbers, networking with people who want to be involved, getting ready; while waiting for our tax exempt status to go through...we are now officially a 501 (c)(3) organization and now we can really start working for God.  Let us know how/if you would like to get involved.  For those of you that don't know what this means...the biggest thing is that anyone who donates to us (time, money, services, etc.)you can claim your donation on your income tax. It is not legal to claim donations to any non-profit; they must be a 501(c)organization to be tax deductible.

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