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Juniques Multi Cultural Connections strikes "Communication Gold!".


Juniques Multi Cultural Connections now can help you reach offline and online communities around the world!! JMCC is constantly seeking ways to help multi cultural communities connect.

JMCC discovered "Communication Gold" when it connected with  All Nations TV Network

Juniques MultiCultural Connections, (  reaching the $11.8 Trillion multicultural market, now
offers advertisement on All Nations TV Network. This dynamo online and streaming programming
network is providing some of finest gospel, business, and family friendly shows you can find
on or off the net!!! Yes, All Nations TV is being streamed into homes across the country on the
Roku Network channel. Roku Network is streaming to 5 million households and All Nations TV Network has its own channel!!


  JMCC is proud to be able to help your reach a greater audience and provide ad cost savings.
check us out at  call me 623-455-6364 

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Juniques Marketing now offers Websites on TV advertising service. This service small business to have big business presence on television viewers. This is proving to be a great market acquisition tool, profit enhancement, and for those who want to promote service, great income generator.


How Much Do Television Ads Cost?


Television Advertising Costs - A Primer How much does a TV advertising campaign cost? Many entrepreneurs assume television is incredibly expensive and don't even consider it. The reality is that it's worth learning more about television advertising costs.


Advertising on television may be more economical than you might think. Sooner or later, every entrepreneur is tempted by the allure of television advertising. Yet most will never seriously explore the possibility of promoting their product in a TV commercial because they assume it is cost-prohibitive.

But is that really true?


Is television advertising cost-prohibitive for small- to medium-sized business owners?


The answer is, well, complicated.


For less than the cost of paying for a weekly classified ad in your local paper you can advertise your website on National TV. Get 7 day full access for free



When pricing a television commercial, you need to weigh the costs of two separate things: (1) the cost of producing the commercial, and (2) the cost of airing it. It has been estimated that the average cost of producing a 30-second national TV commercial is nearly $350,000. But before you panic, understand that like any other form of advertising, a television commercial can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Not surprisingly, the cost to produce the commercial goes up as the quality and complexity of the commercial increases. Small- to medium-sized businesses cannot afford to invest $350,000 in a single commercial. But, decent quality TV commercials can be produced for as little as $1,000 if you know where to look. The best place to start is with freelancers or small production agencies.



For less than the cost of paying for a weekly classified ad in your local paper you can advertise your website on National TV. Get 7 day full access for free



A word to the wise: Some local television stations may offer to produce a commercial for you at a highly discounted (or even free) rate if you agree to advertise on their station. Don't do it! The quality of these commercials is usually very poor compared to those that are professionally produced. A poorly produced commercial can have a highly detrimental effect on your television advertising campaign's effectiveness and may leave viewers with the idea that your company is cheap, cheesy, and out of touch.


The second cost involved in television advertising is the price you will pay to run your commercial. Commercial time is sold in 30-second spot blocks. The cost of a 30-second spot varies according to the number of viewers expected to be watching it.


The standard half-hour of television contains 22 minutes of program and 8 minutes of commercials - 6 minutes for national advertising and 2 minutes for local. National advertising is obviously your most expensive option, but even then the rates vary by Nielsen-rated viewership. Highly-watched programs can command rates in the millions of dollars. For example, a 30-second spot during the 2005 Superbowl sold for $2.4 million. Commercials during less-watched programs are more affordable, but the cost of those commercials may still run in excess of $100,000 per 30-seconds.



For less than the cost of paying for a weekly classified ad in your local paper you can advertise your website on National TV. Get 7 day full access for free ******************************


Most small- to medium-sized business owners find that local advertising fits better with their budgets and marketing goals. A 30-second time slot in a medium-sized market can be purchased for as little as $5 per 1,000 viewers, meaning that you could easily expect to pay less than $100 per commercial slot. Even cheaper rates may be available for off-hour programming. The best advice is to avoid surprises by checking out how much it will cost to air your commercial locally before you shell out the money to have it produced.



Better yet get your website on tv ad account open. try for one week and you will want to continue


At your service,


Rickey 623 455 6364

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Look for Websites On TV commercials on popular shows like:
Jerry Springer, two and a half men, Dog the Bounty
Hunter, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Cheaters, Inside
Sports, News, Seinfeld, Friends, I Love Lucy...

7 day free trial  National Television Advertising Acct


Almost 99% of North American homes have at least one television. Television advertising has consistently proven to be more effective than both newspaper and radio ads. Your product can find its specialized market. Unfortunately, such an effective tool doesn't come cheap. One 30-second television commercial during prime time evening viewing can cost up to 30 times more than one radio spot during the prime listening "drive time."


Websites On TVnow makes it affordable to use this communication medium

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Upcoming Seminar: Monday, January 17, 2011

You might be saying... I am ready for my CD to blow up or I am ready for my book to be featured on Oprah (yes, even the new network)! My question to you: are you "media" ready?


So many people want to be on various radio shows and others want to have maximum media exposure for their business, products or services B U T are they "media" ready? Can the media find them online? When they do find them, what impression will they have? This Teleseminar is great for anyone seeking media exposure ( radio, TV, print media etc). This foundational seminar will give the beginner the tips that enable "media" readiness!


Special Admission: FREE  ---> Click here to Register!

Time: Monday, January 17th at 7:30pm Eastern - 30 minute seminar

Listening method: Phone OR Web Simulcast

Facilitator: Sharvette Mitchell


For more information, visit

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Co-op TV Commercial Sponsoring, finally at an affordable price!

Exciting news!!

Our TV Commercial will be aired in July and August with 15 commercial spots.

Limited spots available.

Want to join our co-op advertising & be our Sponsor and drive millions to your site?

Get the tools to get your business noticed & propel your business into rapid success!

Join Women’s Speed Networking & Business Association NOW

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Three hundred churches throughout the Memphis area sponsored a multicultural, multigenerational revival for women this past weekend. In doing so, they answered Ellen Olford’s heartfelt prayer.Redemption 2009, the free two-day gathering held March 27 and 28 at the Cook Convention Center, drew 7,000-8,000 women on balmy Friday night while 5,000-6,000 braved gusty winds and rain on Saturday morning.Sharen Rooks, a conference volunteer and a member of Morning Chapel Missionary Baptist, found many reasons to celebrate as people of different backgrounds came together in a shared act of faith. Morning Chapel was among the African-American churches partnering with local white churches in the revival effort, and the bond already has produced interesting results.“There are changes taking place because of Trinity Baptist and Morning Chapel,” said Rooks, as she, Redemption 2009 event co-chair Vicki Reed and Linda Stephens of Central Church completed final preparations on Friday. “I think this is going to stick. You can see it now and the event hasn’t even taken place,” said Rooks, a minister’s wife and author of “What Happens When God Moves.”The revival comes at the end of the story, however. This tale unfolds 4 ½ years ago when Ellen Olford and husband, David, of Memphis met Priscilla and Jerry Shirer of Dallas. Shortly thereafter, Ellen, who is white, shared her vision – her burden – with Priscilla, an African American who is an internationally-known speaker, author and the daughter of well-known minister Dr. Tony Evans.The multiracial, multigenerational relationship established a foundational guideline for the Redemption movement: prayer partners not only from different churches but from different races and cultural groups.“Four and a half years ago, I said to Priscilla, ‘Would you be my friend? Would you be my prayer partner?’” Olford recounted at Saturday’s gathering.Olford, chair of Redemption 2009 and a member of Central Church, said, “Memphis is a great city with great people and great churches – a town that needs Jesus (to remove) racism and other-isms that separate us.”Prayer partners are encouraged to meet weekly to pray by phone together and once a month in person.The second step is participation in upcoming prayer meetings that will be taking place in the Memphis area, where area coordinators have been assigned in Orange Mound, Whitehaven, Uptown, Midtown, Hickory Hill, East Memphis and Frayser as well as Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, Southeast Shelby County, Southaven, Miss., and Marshall County, Miss.Finally, Olford is asking for more black-white church partnerships, like those shared by Trinity Baptist and Morning Chapel, Bellevue Baptist and Impact Ministries, and Central Church and Mt. Moriah East Baptist, just to name a few.A Rainbow of FaithsAccording to the Web site (, movement leaders, volunteers and participants are “Godly women with hearts burning to see evangelical Christians of different races unite to further God’s kingdom (who) have been dreaming and praying and planning …to see revival sweep the Mid-South…. Churches will come together for Redemption 2009 to create a catalyst for unity and reconciliation among sisters in Christ, spanning generations, evangelical backgrounds, neighborhoods, cultures and races.”The unity among sisters was evident as dozens of women stopped by the Marriott Hotel’s Magnolia Grille, across the street from the convention center, to eat before for the conference. Black women and white women sat together at tables, engaged in both light and meaningful conversations.Young women from Fellowship Memphis were among restaurant-goers. Group leader Suzanne Presley said 100 members of the multicultural church were attending the revival and they were expecting a “word from the Lord.”“We’ve just been praying for it,” said Ariyana Rimson.RevivalIn addition to first-rate expository teaching, Redemption 2009 showcased contemporary and hard-core gospel music. Priscilla Shirer’s brother, recording artist Anthony Evans and his band performed contemporary gospel, such as “You Are Good,” “Everlasting God,” and “Mighty to Save.”Grammy-nominated gospel vocalist Beverly Crawford brought the hard-core gospel with “If the Lord Never Does Anything Else” and other songs.Ephie Johnson directed the Unity Choir, a city-wide group from 30 churches that performed and backed up Crawford and Evans. A member of Hope Presbyterian and director of Neighborhood Christian Centers, Johnson said the choir has 115 members.Her participation extends beyond the choir , however, as she has several prayer partners, including Kelly Johnson, executive director of Two by Two Ministry. who is 40 and Ephie’s same age; Lucy Long, a 50-something and Carlee Pettis, 70. “They influence me in my walk with Christ,” said Johnson.For her part, the Unity choir director is well ready for a Memphis revival. “This is an integral moment. People are ready to rise up and be a city of pride, leadership and unity.”“My goal is to encourage and help Memphis sing again,” said Johnson, who is the daughter of JoeAnn Ballard and has been directing choirs since age 13.“In some ways, we lost our song.”
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Reduce your monthly bills SIGNIFICANTLY with DISH Network!Have you wondered if you are paying too much for cable? Have you been wanting to cut down your monthly expenses without losing your programming or dropping your favorite channels?Now you can, thanks to Clarence Coggins, who has sent this opportunity your way. You can checkout Clarence's website by clicking on the link below or copying and pasting the following link in your web browser. Network's new low rate offers provide a LOT MORE FOR A LOT LESS MONEY! Plus you get the best value and one of the largest selections of HD programming. Here is what you get with DISH Network.DISH Network ExclusiveAll the Movies You Want$600 in available savingsFREE** $50 Credit on your first bill* 4 Room Professional Installation* Platinum HD for 3 Months* DVR or HD DVR Upgrade* 9 Months of DishHOME Protection ActivationLearn MoreWatch all the movies you can without the long lines and traffic.FREE* HBO & STARZ(16 channels) for 3 monthsCinemax (5 channels) - 12 months for 1 ¢$25 Showtime RebateLearn MoreBest Value Offers!Packages starting at only $19.99/month$50 credit on your first billAdd HD to any package for as low as $10/monthOver 120 HD channels*Free Installation, Activation, and DishHome Protection Plan for 9 Months- Requires 24 month commitment$50 credit on first bill-Available for new DHA-24 customer with qualified programming (AT100 or higher, DishLATINO or higher, TurboHD Bronze or higher, or International as qualified) is eligible to receive a $50 credit on their first bill. Customers with DishFamily do not qualify for the $50 credit on their first bill.Cinemax for a Penny for a Year-Requires Credit Card Autopay/EFT and paperless billing.HBO/Starz free for first three months-Offer includes the HD channels within these premium movie packages if they activate with an HD Receiver. This promotion requires DHA-24 qualified programming of AT100 or above, DishLATINO or above, TurboHD Bronze or above or International as qualified.PlatinumHD free for first three months- This requires DHA-24 and an eligible AT package plus BronzeHD, SilverHD, GoldHD or DishLATINO Max with DishLATINO Max HD Essential. This promotion is not available for customers subscribing to any of our TurboHD Packages.Free DVR and HD DVR Upgrades-$5.98/mo DVR Service Fee appliesCall 1-800-998-DISH today and mention promo code: A26 and extension: 72856Or visit Clarence's website site by clicking here
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Press Release.... Press Release....

Christian Internet Television is here. Pastor Ken and Aminata Gill launched "Word4UTVNetwork", internet television combined with a social networking flare.Join and become a member, and we will feature you, your ministry, your gifts, your business ventures, in our program. It's New! It's Exciting! It's Different! It's The Lord! Come all ye faithful, come!
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The Labor Was Hard, But I Finally Gave Birth

When I realized that I was pregnant, I thought to myself, oh no, not me, and in my old age. God you can't be serious? Like Sara, of the Old Testament I was pregnant indeed. As in any pregnancy, you become more and more anxious as you get closer to you due date, but the thing with me was I didin't know my due date. I was pregnant for 5years, and I wondered if I set some sort of record for the longest pregnancy ever.After being pregnant for so long, you begin to think you're never gonna give birth, I carried this baby within, praying and asking God when, and how long am I to be like this.... then one day..... the Lord spoke and said, "Shut off all connections...." Now I didn't know why, but I was clear on what I was to do and so I did it. But that didn't stop drama from wrecking havoc in my life, but God was with me all the way. What I didn't know then but do know now, is that I was in labor. I was in labor for 5 weeks and finally I gave birth....I am inviting all my friends to come join me and celebrate the new arrival:
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Friends!For the second year in a row, SisterSpeak Online Magazine has been nominated for the Black Web Awards! This year, we’ve been nominated in 2 categories as follows:Best E-Zine (We Won Last Year–our first year online!) Site for Sistahs (We’re really proud of this category)! win (winning is FUN!) WE NEED YOUR VOTES! We’ve got some great competition!Click the live links above to go to the Black Web Awards/Black TV Site to cast your votes for us in each category! Note–when you get to the vote page, you’ll see all the nominated sites listed first with live links. Scroll down to actually vote!YOU CAN VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE between now and the ballot closing period.So Vote away–everyday (SMILES)!Let’s do this!LisaSisterSpeak Online
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Help Me WIN Fashion Mag Internship!

All you have to do is register and vote here: DetailsDo you dream about working in the fast-paced, glossy world of magazine publishing? Do you have a passion for fashion and journalism?Style Network is looking for three people to take on coveted internships at a top New York based fashion magazine this fall! The show will provide the selected interns the amazing opportunity to work closely with the fashion team, get first-hand experience researching issues that concern real women, assist in celebrity and fashion photo shoots and see what it takes to get a publication ready for print. The show is truly going to provide an experience and opportunity of a lifetime!No experience is necessary, but we are looking for three success driven people to take on coveted internships at a New York based magazine this fall! Candidates must be willing to have cameras document their lives in and out of work.INTERESTED CANDIDATES MUST BE:- 18 years of age or older- Eligible to work in the United States- Fiercely passionate about working in the fashion, beauty & lifestyle publication industryLive audition dates will be held in Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville and Philadelphia within the next two weeks so contact us ASAP!
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