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I recently read a quote from an unknown person that says, “When all other means of communication fail, try words!” The quote has power meaning to me as I go through my transition from being an “E” to an “I” (read Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki for insight).

As adults we tend to communicate with one another through use of text message, instant messaging, email or social media. We often get a third party involved with our own conflicts just so we won’t have to speak with an individual. Body language also tells us a lot.

So, why is it so hard to communicate with our words? For me it is to avoid conflict. I don’t like a lot of drama and if I know you are the type of person that gets loud and obnoxious when any type of feedback is given, I simply stay away from your path. I also feel that if you are bold enough to bring in a third party to our “conflict” then you can come to me with the same information.

I feel that feedback, whether positive or negative, is a gift. Everybody is not going to take what is said the same way it was intended to be. I’ve often written something or said something and after it was discussed, everybody was happy and we were able to move on.

For years I held a grudge with someone who treated me wrong growing up. I didn’t call, write, stop by or did anything that I knew would allow me to cross their path. Through the years the constant third party intervention started to get on my nerves so I reached out to the person with a bold statement. Too bad it took this long to express how I felt but at least the person got it from me, through words.

Just remember that when we deal with people everyone has a different personality. I am a yellow but I tend to have some red personality in me when I’m fed up.

This is my insight for you and let’s talk sometimes.

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I've been on both sides of this equation. I've promoted products & programs that DO NOT have a strong marketing system and I have promoted businesses that have very strong marketing systems.  Affiliate Marketing can be simple or it can be very difficult if you dont know how to market and what products to promote.


Out of these two business models the winner without a question is the business WITH a high powered system. Here's why... In order to be successful in your own business you MUST have a business that is easily duplicatable for anyone. Even for people without experience!


The power of any system lies solely in it's ability to allow anyone and everyone to duplicate your results in the least amount of time possible.


Well, when you are associated with a business that does not have a strong marketing system you have to spend a great deal of time teaching and training each of your new team members how to make things work. This equated to a lot of frustration on the new team members part for having to learn everything from the ground up and a slow rate of duplication. This is NOT powerful.


With a high powered marketing system in which a new member can literally get started marketing the instant they join and generate success within hours or minutes of joining you have a highly duplicable system. This equates to a powerful marketing system which leaves you with the highest probability for success.

You NEED a high powered system if you want to generate success and results quickly in any business and that's just the plain and simple truth in today's fast paced world of affiliate marketing.

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Place your Business on our Top business List

Post your business on our top business list of the month. From A Writers POV is creating a 7-10 list of active businesses in the literary field.

We're advertising this list on our website for one full edition, advertising it on our newsletter and social networks.

This list is to not only to get your business name in front of many but to also help authors and writers find the services they need.


We invite you to place your business on our list.


Business list placement is a $10 donation for the month and advertisement that comes with it. It also includes placement in our business directory which can be found here:


If you'd rather have your business placed in our business directory without the advertisement, you can do so here:


Inquire to have your business posted on our top business list this month. Deadline is the 12th of this month for placement on next month’s list.


1. Your name/position

2. The name of your business

3. What service does it provide?

4. How do clients inquire? (Business’ email)

5. Website

Send inquires to:



From A Writers POV


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Advertise your Business Announcements!

Have an announcement, sale, event going on at your business? Post your announcements in our “Business Announcements of the Month”


This list will help authors and readers find the events, sales etc they are looking for and help you in exposure.


Not only will your business and info go on our monthly list, we will also advertise your announcement on social networks and our newsletter.


$5 payment is required for the placement of your business announcement on our list. Interested in having us advertise your announcement?


Email us at:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is the name of your business?
  3. What is the name of your event, sale, announcement?
  4. What are the dates for your announcement, sale, event?
  5. How can our viewers see more about your sale, event, announcement?
  6. What’s the link to your website?
  7. Give a five line or less description on your sale, event, announcement.


From A Writer’s POV


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Embrace the Entrepeneur Within

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much money you make for your boss? Have you realized that by not working for yourself, you are working to make someone else rich? Every day you spend countless hours generating income for someone you probably don't know and for a business you definitely don't own. Unfortunately, in this economy no job is secure. So, where do you find the security? What does your future look like? 

If you see more prosperity in your future, then you need to take control of your life now. And that means, working for yourself! You need to put yourself in a position to FIRE YOUR BOSS! Set your own hours and reap the benefits of your hard work.  

My mom had an “Embrace the Entrepeneur Within” luncheon this weekend, to empower women in their lives and in business. We had 12 to 15 women there that all had positive comments about the illustrious speaker, Melissa Taft. She spoke about the steps we need to take to change our lives for the better. She talked about asking yourself questions like, are you going through life, KNOWING it's not how you'd like it and doing NOTHING about it or are you aware of your displeasure and doing all you can in your power to change your life??? She described how there are different stages to our development in life and wherever our competency level is, is how our life is developing now. So when are you going to take control of it????

So, today the question goes to you too! Are you living your life in complete denial, ignoring all the failures around you, saying, “Oh well, it’s life!”, or are you stepping out on faith, and taking actions to change your life? The bible says " without deeds is dead" James 2:26. If you're wanting a change in your life, you should be praying for a change. You shoud be taking action and doing things like giving up habits you know aren’t good for you or following through with personal goals or doing all you can to get a financial promotion or even better, taking steps to FIRE YOUR BOSS!

Do something for yourself and your family. Make a move to impact your life. Embrace the entrpeneur within today! We can help you today! ==> CLICK HERE

Tamara Garrison-Thomas 

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Helping Others Shape is a Wellness Empowerment Business for Women. We offer Support, Accountability, and the option to lose weight. We are able to provide such services by means of Workshops, Trainings, Events, Spa Retreats, and more to enable you to make an informed decision to live a healthier and better lifestyle.


More details at    


Thanks so much for your time,



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Today I took a leap of faith and decided to try creating a new cupcake line for  My first attempt was a jumbo, moist chocolate cupcake dipped in a espresso infused chocolate ganache.  I topped it off with a single chocolate covered espresso bean! 


I want to offer these delicious cupcakes on my website  but I need to figure out how to successfully package and ship them.  Does anybody have any suggestions?


Here is the finished product:  Espresso Chocolate Dropz by



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Online Promotion Plan Part II

Online Promotion Plan Part II

Last month, I asked had you started your online promotion plan. I know you’ve sat down and answered all the questions and now you’re ready to start setting up your plan.

Let’s get to the fun part, making sense of all the questions you answered.

1. Is your book release or information about your book included in your email signature?

Why is this important? Your email is something you use on a daily basis. This is the best form of free promotion you can have. You can be creative with it and you can change it up daily or weekly.

I will admit I’ve met many authors because of their email signatures. They announced their new book and that was all I needed to introduce myself to them.

The next step you want to take is to create a signature line for when you send out emails. You want the reader to take notice and hopefully click on the link and find out more about you.

What is a signature?

A signature is a mini bio. I've seen some introduce the author, some introduce a book, and some introduce a site. Only you can determine what you want on your signature.


Here's mine for SORMAG

LaShaunda C. Hoffman
Shades Of Romance Magazine Publisher

Sample Writer's signature

Shelia M Goss

Delilah & Savannah's Curse - IN STORES NOW

“Savannah’s Curse is an action- packed mystery with unexpected culprits. Sheila M. Goss brings readers a new side of her talent by entering a different genre. It is suspenseful with twists and turns that will keep readers turning pages. I recommend this book to others.” ~ Teresa Beasley, APOOO Book Club

There are a few rules when it comes to signatures, where you send them. If you're sending out an email to someone and not a list or forum, you're free to have as long of a signature as you like.

If you're sending a message to a list or forum, you have to make sure you know what their policy is on signatures. Some lists don't like a lot of promotion and will block your message or delete it if they think you're doing too much promotion.

I recommend keeping your signature to four lines. This gives you enough space to play with and most links and forums will give you that many lines.

For your signature you'll want:

Title of Book
Date of release
Website link (or 25 word or less blurb)

If you can html your signature, add a little color and hyper link your site, so the reader can click on and see your book or site.

Most email systems let you add signatures to your out going mail. Check out the options for your email.

See that wasn’t so hard. Your first question answered and you ready to start promoting.

Show us your email signature, leave your signature in our comment section.

Next month we will break down more of these questions to get you started on creating your plan.

Can’t wait to next month, contact me – I’m available for private online promotion coaching.


LaShaunda is the creator of SORMAG – Shades Of Romance Magazine. She has 11 years of experience on online promotion, most she learned from trial and error. She has taught workshops on online promotion and is available for private online promotion coaching.

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20 easy and effective ways for: coaches, speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs, or any service provider to promote themselves and get results.

  1. Know that your reputation is valuable.
  2. Do what you say you are going to do.
  3. Return all phone calls.
  4. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  5. Be visible.
  6. When you meet new people, introduce yourself.
  7. Try to develop a knack for remembering names.
  8. Be an active listener.
  9. Create a “small talk” notebook.
  10. Be sensitive to body language.
  11. Send a follow-up note.
  12. Get to know the support staff.
  13. Know your profession.
  14. Pass articles along with a note.
  15. Keep a supply of greeting cards for all occasions.
  16. Write…write…write.
  17. Go through your list of contacts periodically, update.
  18. Let people know that you are available to speak.
  19. Selectively donate your services.
  20. Remember what Mom used to tell you, say “Thank you.”
 “And now I would like to invite you to claim your Free Instant access to Achieving Success With Grace and Charm Business Etiquette e-course, when you visit You will learn the ins and outs of using proper etiquette, so that you can boost your confidence, transform your life and accelerate your success.”

And to go deeper with how etiquette and a polished image  can increase your net worth check out  “The Grace and Charm Success System.”
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Other options

The current economy is causing business owners to find ways to help others learn a skill. Well, at least it is for this business owner! I am struggling with my emotions with various families and friends being out of work. My mind says why don’t you open your own business my heart says not everyone is as entrepreneurial as I am.

So, now what?

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iStock_000007606415XSmall-150x150.jpg?width=150I had a dream last night. In the dream I invested in some type of postal supplies shop - you know, like the ones you see on every corner now? This guy from an office next door kept coming in to say he was there to help me. Seemed like a nice enough man. At first, he offered to lay a customized floor tile that looked like a stamp for me in front of the counter. He described how it would have my initials, my favorite colors, and it would really light up the place. I was convinced and I said, "sure, that would be nice". Then after he put it in and I realized it wasn't just one tile, it was half the floor. Cha-ching.

Next, he came in and offered to change the locks on my door. I said, "yes, that's probably a good idea". And of course, he upgraded the entire door. Cha-ching...again. After a series of these offers, I realized I'd drawn up quite a bill. That's when I finally sat down to look at the total costs of my initial investment, the add-ons, and the history of success the shop had before me. Guess what? The previous owner sold it because she hadn't made a profit.

It was a pretty dismal outlook. I had the same dream at least once more the same night. It was like I had to go through it all over again, even knowing what the end would be. Then I woke up.

I realized that this was a pretty accurate picture of some decisions I've made before as a business owner. Not researching the so-called investment first, saying yes to everything that looks short-term shiny, looking at the total profit/loss picture only after I've spent all the money...

Notice I didn't say anything about "adding value" or "profit generating" decisions? What investments are you making in yourself and in your business that will add long-term value and generate profit? Got the wake up call yet?


WANT TO RE-POST THIS ARTICLE ON YOUR BLOG OR USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE, E-NEWSLETTER OR WEB SITE? You may, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

About the Author: Tanya Smith of Be Promotable is a premier personal branding & marketing coach. Her creative genius has unlocked the potential of many women solopreneurs, helping them to reinvent themselves as power players in their startup business. Claim your free instant access to a free video download, 5 Secrets to Developing Your Unique Brand Proposition at:

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Business Opportunity Available

Business Opportunity Available

Looking for salons or retailers, who want to upgrade their products & increase revenue?  WB-Peter Lamas Beauty Products has all natural or organic products that are ideal for your customers. Also, receive 25% Sales Commissions & 35% Referral Commissions.  Plus, Free Hotel or Cruise & Airfare Benefits for you and your customers.

This also a great way for anyone to make $…

View the following video…


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One of the things that I’ve encountered while serving my passion of empowering women are these three words “the right time.”


How many times have you sighed, “Let me think about it, I need to wait for the right time”, “Not now it’s not the right time”?


Did you ever find the right time? Or are you still waiting.


Time fulfills it’s purpose daily waiting on no man. Are you fulfilling your purpose

daily, waiting on no man, no thing? ~ Robin Tramble


The grave is rich with good intentions. Many I’m sure were waiting for the right time. Some of our greatest songs are in the grave, witty ideas and inventions in the grave, Government officials, Men or Women of God “in the grave!”


I’m not trying to be harsh here, however, I’m tired of seeing gifted individuals passing time and refusing to do whatever it takes to manifest their dreams all because you’re waiting for the right time.


I see this a lot in my coaching. Some take me up on complimentary sessions, see the value and talk about how others aren’t stepping up to get the training they need only to say at the close of the session that now is not the right time. Of course at times it may not be the right time, however, you must take inventory of the validity of your statement. Is it another form of procrastination? Do you have a fear of the unknown, fear of success or fear of failure?


Everyday will bring about a change. The question is what change? A change for the better or for the worse? Will it change by default or will you take charge of your future and change yourself so that you can change your world?


Underline, highlight, print in your memory this next statement; “There’s never a right time!”


Children are small at home “not the right time.” You now have teens at home “not the right time.” Your son or daughter is in college “not the right time.” Oh my they’re getting married so much to do “not the right time.” I’m going back to school now so… “it’s not the right time.” My parents are aging so…. “it’s not the right time.”



Life happens and there will always be something else that we are responsible for.


How important is it to you to manifest your desired results in your personal growth, business growth, spiritual growth, weight loss, relationships etc.?


God’s gift to us is life and what we do with it is our gift back to Him. Now is the time. Right here and right now.


There’s an audience waiting to hear your message and realize the benefits of your solutions to their problems.


This is your time. This is your year!


How is your mindset? Your mindset could be causing you to continue to delay taking steps towards your empowering success. I invite you to request my video series “Mindset Secrets for Empowering Success” while it’s available.


Go to



What are your thoughts on this topic?

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Recently BBWO member, Twanna started a great post on Spring Cleaning Your Small Business. All week I have been talking about the end of the 2011 first quarter and boosting your sales in the next 3 months, so I decided to turn this discussion into a new Facebook Networking Session. Click that link and listen to my 5-minute audio full of tips and tools related to spring cleaning your small business. You can then participate in the session by sharing your todos as well as entering my latest giveaway: The SistaSense 2011 Money and Marketing Guide .... there are only a handful left of my 40+ MP3 Audio downloads left for $97 (this bundle is normally $297). In the spirit of spring cleaning I added this extra code SPR10. You can get all 6 audio sets now or start with one set for as little as $20, using the combo codes detailed here. The giveaway ... well that's apart of my BIG GIVE sessions on Facebook. If you 'like' and 'share' the 'Spring Cleaning Post' you will be entered to win one of the 6 audio sets. When you are leaving your comment on that FB page just remember to let me know which of the 6 sets you would like to win. Tamyka Lee Washington just downloaded the InfoSells Audio Series and she said:
"Loving this Information Sells Audio Series by LaShanda Henry of Black Business Women Online I'm discovering 7 simple ways to sell information online! .... It is sooooo good, plus video! LaShanda got me! I have a few of her products! I really like the audio series." - TW, TheCEOMamma
Remember I am only giving away 3 of these mini-sets and a handful of promo codes. You can get all of these audio sets using promo codes while they last. Once they are gone the BIG bundle goes back to $297 and the audio sets all go back to $49 each, so get them while you can. Happy Spring Cleaning!
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The video above is entitled 3 Things You Need to Grow Your Online Business. These things are as follows:

1: New Customers to buy your products and Services
2: Old Customers to come back and buy again
3: New products to sell to your new and old customers

Based on that information, let's talk about your current online business. What are you doing to drive traffic to your website and attract new customers? What is working and what is not?

When was the last time you spoke with your old customers? Do you know who they are? Do you have something new for them to buy? How many of them come back and buy again?

What are your best selling products this year? What products sell consistently for you over time? Do you also promote affiliate products to your list to generate passive streams of income?

With the first quarter of 2011 complete, now is the right time to review your current business activities and move forward. As I mentioned in the video above, my latest collection of money and marketing audio sessions now available for you to download. They are are all about giving you answers to these very questions.

Using social media and video I can show you how to attract new customers online and keep your old customers coming back for more. Plus I can show you how to tap into new money either by creating ebooks and selling information or promoting affiliate products that compliment your own.

So go grab the latest SistaSense set of 40+ audio sessions of me sharing my latest social media marketing online money making strategies with you. Noting that some folks often ask me, "which one should I get first?" I combined all 6 sessions into my 2011 Money and Marketing Bundle. While this bundle is $297, 10 go-getters can grab it now for $97 using promo code NOW97 and there are less than 7 left.

The clock is ticking... go to Let's all make the second quarter of 2011 a profitable and productive one!

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