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Where Are the Black People?

10744077670?profile=originalA reported two million people are in London right now for the London 2012 Olympics. 

If you are visiting London, the UK or Europe this summer, you will want to know where you can find Black-owned businesses. 

When Black people step off the plane, they will want to know:

  • Where can I get some nice food? 
  • Where can I get my hair done? 
  • Where can I buy some lovely gifts for the folks back home? 
  • Where can I find a company that will provide business services fast? 

In other words, Where Are the Black People

They will be looking for YOUR BUSINESS

Want to advertise your business to Londoners, visitors and tourists this summer?  It's just £30 to be included in my directory of Black-owned businesses. 

Click here to contact me if you want to place an ad.  My Black business directory will be advertised widely. 

Click here for more info

This offer is for ALL Black-owned businesses - men's as well as women's. 

Click here for more about Making Money from the Olympics

I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Happy Monday!

Browse the list below to review the latest smart business tips, tools, and todos brought to you by members of the BBWO Community.

First Announcement: What's Your Business? If you would like to submit your business to be reviewed for possible feature on the 2012 BBWO50 Women Entrepreneurs click hereto submit your business.


10744079874?profile=originalWeb Business Truths:
As busy women entrepreneurs many of us have learned quite a bit about what it means to run online businesses. Click the link below to review my truths and share your own:
Turning Tens into Thousands: How to Successfully Sell Lower Priced Items Online


Musical Motivation
Art. Deal recently posted Go Get It!, new music video from Mary Mary. Go Get it! Your Time is now to go and get your blessings!


Discover 7 Ways to Rock the Web and and Improve your Web Business
Join me live, this Thursday on blogtalkradio show WandaAfterDark, click here for details.


Join the latest discussion's on BBWO:

More to come!

LaShanda Henry


p.s. Join us at She Rocks the Web and connect with BBWO members like Pam Perry, Jai Stone, Katrina Harrell and more! Don't miss your chance to join my power circle. See you there.




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How to Brainstorm Business Ideas

Yesterday I had a great conversation with a dear friend about how she is ready to step out on faith and move towards opening her business. I was so excited to hear that she was ready to start because she has shared that she has had this passion since grade school. However, as we began to discuss what her next steps were she was giving herself a deadline to the end of summer for brainstorming. I feel like this is a lot of time to squander for brainstorming. Well, let me put it this way, if I were passionate about something like starting a business, it wouldn’t take me 3 months for the initial brainstorming. So, I shared with her how to break it down and brainstorm in a timely manner and get moving on her business:

1. Get a trusty notebook


... and highlighter. Here is a picture of ONE of my brainstorming notebooks. I take it EVERYWHERE (as you can tell) because I never know when I am going to get a brilliant idea. I have an Ipad as well, but there's something about the good ol' fashioned pen to paper that is convenient and gets a lot of creative juices flowing. Now, that works for me. Find what works for best for you and USE IT! You may have a better memory than me :) and can remember things easier. You may enjoy typing or using a stylus better. But whatever it is, use it and have it with you at all times. EVEN when you sleep! You never know, you may come up with great ideas while you are dreaming! Have that notebook/Ipad/journal handy to record those things immediately. You can ask my husband how many times  I wake up in the middle of the night to write stuff down (of course he doesn't like it) but it's what I have to do to get the information down fresh.  So get a trusty notebook.

2. Research your target market

This may take you a little more time than jotting ideas down but it's very key to your success. The web defines a target market as a group of customers that the business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise.  If you research and discover there isn't much need for your business, you may have to revamp your services or think of some other ideas. However, you may find that there’s at tremendous need for your business in a certain market or industry. Therefore, you will know to move forward with your plans. Research by calling certain businesses or people you know and conducting surveys that will give you direct answers.

3. Find out what others are doing

After you find out who needs your services research companies that are in the same industry look at their pricing, website setup, which market they are trying to capture and make yourself a competitor. You want to be better than everyone else so how can you set your business up to be better? Feel free to even call companies and ask them questions as a “potential client”. Check out their customer service and what they offer and strive to be better.

4. Plan as far as your mind will take you

If the industry you plan on going into has potential for franchising or to become a corporation make your plan up to that point. Come up with your company name, your corporation name, and your franchise name. Come up with how the company would operate as you expand. Are you starting with partners or will they come later? Are you going to start with a blog and move to a website? Are you going to eventually have employees, etc? All of these things need to be a factor in your brainstorming. Always have a plan so you know where your business is heading.

5. FINALLY, Answer these 2 questions:

Why are you going into business?

Why would someone want to do business with you?


I consider myself a go- getter. When I am passionate about something, I cannot rest until it is in fruition. That is what I expect from the people I work with. No need to give yourself a year or two to get your business off the ground if you are working day and night. No, everything won’t be figured out by the time you open your doors but life is about learning lessons. Pricing, customer service, invoicing, etc. may be trial and error. The key is to start getting customers through the door. Otherwise, who knows if you’ll ever start your business? If you wait too long you may lose your steam and your business idea may fade away. So, start brainstorming today and get started tomorrow!


Tamara Garrison-Thomas

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The buzz is building on She Rocks the Web 2012, so if you miss it don't say I didn't tell you.

Just in case you haven't heard this is the first SistaSense 3 Day Weekend Workshop happening here in North Carolina for the sistas in my circle who are ready to walk, run, take a bus, plane or train to get down here so I can help you with your web business and we can have a GREAT TIME rocking the web!

We will cover your blogs, your websites, your marketing, your sales, your videos, your information products and everything in between! This is all about getting down to business and we get to bond over business with a few surprise activities and social media jam sessions!

Quick Run Down:

  • Early Bird Registration Ends in about 5 Days
  • Space is limited to 10 - 15 women
  • The Event Date: June 15th - June 17th
  • The Venue: the Aloft Hotel in Chapel Hill, NC
  • Early Bird Registration is 50% off
  • All Registration Ends May 15th
  • Bring A Friend and the two of you save $200

Have you watched the videos?
I recently released my new "Rock the Web" video series with highlights of some of the topics to be discussed at She Rocks the Web including:

  • View new videos posted on SistaSense
  • How to Close the Deal and Make Sales Online
  • Better Blogging and Video Production / Promotion
  • Simple SEO Strategies
  • How to Recharge Your Business
  • 30+ Sales Triggers to Improve Click Through Rates

If you have any questions let me know. I am looking forward to seeing some of you in the mix.
Official url:
Let's Rock! And Remember - space is limited so be smart and register now.
LaShanda Henry

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I have stop ranting online and never really have done one on my blog, but that will change today. So why now, it’s because I have something to get off my chest. I feel like if I don’t do it now, I just might explode. Plus if I ever get told or text something similar to what spark this post, I can just send them here and hopefully they will get it. It will be my 2012 (and beyond) version of “Talk to the Hand!”

When a self-employed person get fed up
“You ain’t got no job man!”

I am not the female version of the character Tommy from Martin. Yes, I know I no longer work a traditional 9-to-5 job. Yes, I know I not longer get up in the morning and head into the city to work in my gray cubicle. This is something I am well aware of. I am EMPLOYED; self-employed, meaning I work for myself. I still have to pay taxes, people. I do the same thing I was doing that doing at my former traditional 9-to-5 job. The difference now is, instead of solely working for one company, I work with several different individuals/entrepreneurs/small businesses. I once had steady pay and I will have it again. Please stop counting me out.

Read the rest of my rant.

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Hello  Powerful one!

Imagine having time with an empowering Mentor and Coach to focus on your vision, goals and strategies all for increased manifestation of your desired results. Aren't you worth it?

Give yourself the luxury of uninterrupted focus on your vision, goals and strategies with my Free Bonus.

The official launch of The Extraordinary Woman Extraordinary Life Home Study Program with Bonus live calls is next week and when you enroll with the full pay investment you qualify to receive a FREE Virtual VIP 1/2 day with me. Yep! You read that right, however, there are only a few slots left and that's only because I opened up a few more. 

I can't believe I'm doing this but.......
If you're looking to upgrade your life and business, care about the Total woman and know how important it is to take care of the internal structure as well as the external this program is for you.
Do yourself a favor and at least check it out. Go to 
The three modules included are Spiritual fitness - Spiritual workout, Prosper your soul and Body Works.
It doesn't take a Rocket Science to figure out that you'd do yourself a dis-service not to enroll in the program just to grab a Virtual VIP 1/2 day with me.
I hope to welcome you into the family of women serious about their Extraordinary Glorious Blessed Life!
Talk soon.
Your Empowering Mentor and Coach
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sherockstheweb-header.pngHere at Black Business Women Online we strive to focus on solutions that can help you and your business. Keep reading for the latest tips and solutions for today, but 1st a quick reminder - early registration ends in 7 days for She Rocks the Web, 3 Day Weekend Workshop hosted by LaShanda Henry (aka SistaSense). URL:

  1. (video) Two Ways to Recharge Your Business
  2. The Art of Branding
  3. 3 Ways to have a Successful Week
  4. Easy ways to Steer Traffic to Your Website
  5. 7 Ways to Rock the Web
  6. How to Close the Deal and Increase Sales
  7. 13 Ways to Build Your Superstar Platform
  8. 7 Basic Tips for Effective Goal Setting


Enjoy these member posts and videos. Also click hereto join our latest Facebook Social Roll Call and let the BBWO Community know what you are working on today.


More to Come!
LaShanda Henry


p.s. Don't forget to go watch the Rock the Web video series and register for She Rocks the Web 2012 (space is limited. URL:

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The Art of Internet Branding


What is Internet Branding?

Internet branding is one strategy that business owners can employ to establishing their position in the marketplace. Even well-established companies are investing on creating an online brand reputation since internet branding strategies have also produced massive impact on a brand's effort to expand. This is most important these days wherein the internet has taken on a significant role in the everyday lives of the consumers. Hence, you need to utilize it as one of the means that you can communicate your message to them.

With internet branding, you are basically utilizing the tools provided by the internet as a leverage to all your marketing efforts. The objective with using the internet as a medium for promoting your brand works the same way as any other branding methods, which is to increase the demand for the products in your brand.

Importance of Internet Branding

Every business owner is aware of the benefits that a good brand can make for your company. Since the brand is basically what distinguishes you from any other companies that offer the same product or service, you must execute your branding strategies properly to produce the results you want. Take a look at some successful brands in the industry, who have become so distinct to the point wherein their names have been associated with a certain product. This is what business owners must try to aim for.

In business terms, this is referred to as brand positioning. It establishes the main locus of your product to the target market. Therefore, you will be utilizing the specific features that makes your product distinct from the other and use that as a focus of your message in the internet branding effort. Indeed, product differentiation and product positioning are closely linked to one another. These are two basic ploys that you can utilize in your internet branding strategies to “own” a segment of the market and produce a loyal customer base from that.

Is It Worth Investing In?

Several companies and brands have worked so hard on establishing their brand and yet they fail to look into the possibilities of producing an online brand. Hence, they lose that advantage to other brands who worked on appealing to the consumers and making their offer known.

However, if you opt to embark on an internet branding strategy, you must not also neglect the positive value or message that you are trying to impart with regards to your company. To sum it up, a good internet branding strategy is worth your investment. So, don't just go right into an online campaign for your brand. It must be something that is a product of your thorough evaluation and planning.

What About Small Businesses?

Despite the large impact of the online industry in people's lives these days, it is only projected to grow in the years to come. Hence, this makes the internet an even more reliable avenue to expand their marketing efforts. The best thing about the internet is that it provides an even playing field for big- and small-time businesses to promote their brand. Even new businesses can utilize the internet as a means to position their brand and make their existence known in the market. So, it's no longer new these days to have new products or brands introduced online as it is one of the fastest growing industries today.

And yet, the benefits of offering your products and brand to a larger market is beneficial for small time businesses since potential buyers can focus only on the quality of service and performance. By maintaining the value and continually differentiating your product, then internet branding will offer several potential benefits for your business.

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Be Unstoppable!
"Tired of struggling with negative, dead beat, unhealthy personal and business relationships?
Finally manifest the confident, brilliant, irresistible, empowered, fierce, fabulous and extraordinary you for realized increased attractions and promotions!"
FREE Online Event for Women Click here to learn more and register.
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3 Ways to Have A Successful Week!

As the CEO of your business, I think it's most important to evaluate and know the results you're looking for each week.  That won't happen if you don't have clarity in your business and if you haven't identified the "to-do" items that will support your goals.

So, I'd like to share 3 things that you can do to have a successful business week every week:

1. Gain Clarity on what you want to experience for the week financially.  Now divide that figure by the average cost of your service or product and it will give you how many customers you'll need. Stay focused on that number and write down at least 5 ways to reach your goal.

2. Identify 3-5 new contacts to connect with each week (daily M-F).  Create a script in advance and remember that if they have a business allow them to share what they do as well.  Discuss ways you can help one another and directly ask if he or she could use your product or service at this time.

2. Review your schedule every Sunday evening.  If there are any business to-do items, appointments or activities that don't support you meeting your  overall business vision or goals for the week - eliminate them.

Here's to your business success!

Women About Biz

Successful Woman Radio Show


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There is no secret about how much I love WordPress. It has made my life so much easier since I have embraced it but it wasn’t always that way. I look at web design as two parts – the designing of the graphics and then the back-end with the HTML and CSS. I have no problem doing both but sometimes the coding part can really kick your butt. I hate when I am working on some html edits and something goes wrong. Then it take me hours to figure out what’s wrong and it turns I added an extra character or missing spell a piece of code. That’s when you know it time to step away from the computer.

WordPress wasn’t the first CMS (content management system) that I used. I was on Blogger many years ago. I used Greymatter, Movabletype and even try building my own by following this tutorial I found online. WordPress however has been the one I stuck with the longest. There is several reasons why I love using it and love recommending that others do as well. I mention before that that I found it very flexible but not everyone feels that way. Here’s why I believe it very flexible and that anyone can be a WordPress whiz.

You can have what every kind of site you want.

You just want to blog, you can do that with WP right out the box. You want to have a traditional website for your business, you can have that too. You have products to sell, you can set up an e-commerce site. You can have what ever your heart desires. When it comes to the look and design of the site or blog there are millions of themes to choose from (free and paid).

Read on to learn the other reasons why I love WordPress.

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At a recent workshop I facilitated, a participant shared that she didn’t understand the big ‘hype’ about having a website. Though she had one; she hadn’t attained any customers from it. I explained that having a website is a good first step, but not enough to gain clients. If you are not engaging your visitors, chances are they will never return. Do you have a website but not sure how to guide traffic to it? Here are 5 ways to steer traffic to your website:

Register with Major Search Engines

An important step to steer traffic to your website is to make sure is it is listed on all the major search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. This is one of the most efficient ways of directing free, targeted traffic to your website. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes of your time.

Respond to Questions and Comments

People leave comments for a reason; they are interested in your response. By responding, you’re letting them know that you’re actively involved in reading the comments and encouraging them to visit again. In addition, this is an effective way to become known in your industry as an expert.

Develop Article Marketing Strategy

Blogging is an easy way to drive traffic to your website and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. If executed effectively, this can be a smart online marketing strategy and an affordable way to grow your business. Blogging is ‘big business’ among entrepreneurs, writers and those who just want to express themselves thru electronic communication. More and more businesses are blogging as they realize the benefits. There are several online sites where you can submit your articles for publication and back link to your website:

In addition, posting your articles on various social media sites is a great marketing strategy to generate traffic back to your website. Post your article using the following FREEsocial networks:

Use Social Bookmarking Services

Social bookmarking sites allow you to search, organize, share and store the bookmarks of different web pages. You are also able to promote articles and stay ahead of your competitors. Here are 3 popular social book marketing services:

  • Digg– The ultimate social media site; it’s become notorious for producing traffic waves so massive that they can have a DOS-style impact on smaller hosts.
  • Stumble Upon – Helps members discover and share great websites. As you click Stumble, the site delivers high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended by your friends or one of 8 million+ other web surfers with interests similar to you.
  • – A social bookmarking website; users can mark their favorites with and share them with each other; making it onto the front page of the “recently popular” section on will send a decent amount of traffic so long as the category you’re tagged into is popular.

Create Videos

Video marketing is all the RAVE! Whether creating how to, testimonial, product review or interview videos for your website, it increases brand awareness and creates viewer action leading to more inquiries and sales. In fact, according to Online Video Marketing Statistics, adding video to small business profiles:

  • Increases number of business profile views more than 100%
  • Increases number of profile clicks more than 30%
  • Increases number of calls generated by more than 18%

In conclusion, by using these FREE methods to create visibility to your website, you will be able to generate more traffic over time, thus, have a steady flow of potential leads.

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Where can women find reliable resources to assist in the realization of empowerment “Spirit, soul and body?” Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva launches a 6 week ecoaching program “Extraordinary woman, Extraordinary life!”




Apr 20 2012 - 
Where can women find reliable resources to assist in the realization of empowerment “Spirit, soul and body?”  Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva launches a 6 week  ecoaching program “Extraordinary woman, Extraordinary life!”

Elk Grove, CA  April 20, 2012 – Women are becoming overwhelmed as a result of the economic downturn and some are finding themselves stuck, unable to grasp hold of the energy and persistence to move forward. Some are becoming sole earners in their homes as husbands are in transition from either being laid off or other reasons that have led to their current unemployment.  Although it has been stated that we may see relief, women are still needing and wanting programs and systems that will assist them in their endeavor to live their best empowered life, allowing them to thrive in the midst of any financial crisis, according to Robin Tramble, CEO and Visionary of Robin Tramble International.

“It is apparent that there is an echo, a sound of fear, confusion, discouragement and possible defeat. You can choose to survive or take action and thrive in 2012! Empowerment is a choice and women must become decisive action taking women if they're going to manifest their best empowered life.”  Having experienced some of the same things and now living a life of empowerment through learned systems and experience I can passionately share strategies and keys to discover your authentic self, get unstuck, overcome overwhelm, fear and how to stay focused in crisis. I have also been rewarded with witnessing the impact it has had on raising 4 children who are now all successful in their own rights.

The Empowerment Diva mentors, trains and coaches savvy women, aspiring, new and enterprising entrepreneurial women as they strive to realize their personal, spiritual and professional goals. Robin Tramble The Empowerment Diva is currently launching a 6 week eCoaching program complete with Bonus live calls for exponential personal, spiritual and business growth.

The three components are Spiritual workout, Body works and prosper your soul (mind, will and emotions)..

The Extraordinary woman, Extraordinary life ecoaching program is an excellent resource for women who desire to be equipped with keys and strategies to empower them to move to another level in their lives manifesting maximum empowerment and becoming an extraordinary woman leading an extraordinary life. When you take care of the internal structure you are laying a sure foundation for the external which renders a great return for business and ministry success.

“It’s the place to be for breakthrough results and to join with like-minded women from across the world in one place striving for their best empowered extraordinary life” Says Robin Tramble

Enrollment is being received here

# # #

About Robin Tramble International

Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva is a definitive resource for savvy women, aspiring, new and enterprising entrepreneurial women. The Empowerment Diva passionately empowers women to live their best empowered life via a vast array of empowering resources for the express purpose of assisting them as they strive to realize their dreams and desires. 

Robin Tramble is qualified to mentor women in their life empowerment journey through her training, experience in the work force, education, working at home and personal experiences. 

Robin Tramble is also an author and recoding artist and plans to creatively combine her music into another empowering resource for women.


Find out more about here at

--- end ---


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10744078694?profile=originalQuestion of the day – what would you do if you went into work today and got fired or showed up to learn that your company had closed its doors? Would you panic? Plead? Pass out? Beg? Go postal? Pop some pills?

Most people are not in a position to walk away from their job and be worry free, but if you had a profitable home business the world would look quite different to you.

Instead of worrying about “the what-ifs which are actually every day realities” you could instead give yourself a pay raise and be properly positioned for the “what ifs!” Consider this what-if. What if every single day, as your business grows, the money in your bank account grows? When you have your own Home Based Business, whether it is Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or all of the above, a lot of the typical “worry” that is associated with being a traditional small business owner, or an employee that is settling for a paycheck that barely covers the bills is removed!

“Network Marketing” means you get to work as part of a team and leverage the time and skills of everyone else. Internet Marketing means you get to leverage the internet and all of the people that are online searching specifically for you to grow your business.  Affiliate Marketing means you get to leverage other people’s expertise to grow your business.  These are all smart ways of growing a home business that will provide the following benefits, just to name a few:

1) Minimizes the amount of taxes that you pay as an employee (hint, hint, clue, clue).

2) Provides that extra income so that you aren’t living pay check to pay check.

3) Better positions you to leave your job (if you chose) and work solely for yourself.

To Those Saying “But I’m Already a “Business Owner” With Their Noses in the Air!

For starters, let me say I am too and I was too!  I ran a brick and mortar business for over six years and then it dawned on me one day that I was basically a slave to my business!  My business literally ran me. So how about Being Open to Building a Business That Doesn’t Own You? I took a look at how some of my well to do and rich friends were making their money and I decided that I better wake up too.

Many “traditional” business owners (me being one of them) get stuck in Maintenance Mode with their businesses. They end up not with a business that serves them but with a business they become a slave to, and they end up even more trapped than they were working for a boss! The same business owners write paychecks every week to everyone BUT themselves, and work 80+ hours a week trying to make their business profitable. This goes on for years, and years and years and every day is literally a struggle.  This is stupid.  I woke up one day and ENDED this torcher!

A Networking Marketing business, on the other hand, has none of these disadvantages (with the exception of the ones that you create). You need no employees, no crazy hours, no premises, and you don’t need to tie your money up in stock, or massive advertising campaigns. This means almost every penny you make is profit.

The main benefit of a Network Marketing business is the potential to get paid a Residual Income. You work hard to build up your business, and your income will slowly grow into something more significant month after month. Then after a few years your monthly income from your business will be large enough for you to quit your job or retire (if you chose), and you won’t have to work for money any longer! The income will continue to be paid to you. Your business will be manageable, and will continue to make a profit without you when you are ready to retire.

Best of all… you will have the full support and training of hundreds of people who have been where you are now. This cuts your training time dramatically. It means you won’t have to invest energy and money into finding out what doesn’t work.

You will have the step by step plan developed for you – you don’t get that in any traditional business! You get to own a business instead of letting it own you.

This means you will be at life-changing income levels sooner than you might think… “Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.  How sexy is your current home based business?  How sexy is your traditional business?

Interested in starting your own Home Based Business for FREE?  Let’s connect today.  Let me share my Sexy Business Building Secrets with you today!

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In All Thing Be Grateful

Good Morning;

                     May I share my morning favorite cup of green tea with you. Every  day I'm up early sitting on my sun porch,from here I have a harmonious view.  Kicking off my shoes and relax in my white wicker chair before starting off my day. I quietly send out and receive universal love.

Listening to my breath I think of how each of us have awaken from a nights rest... feet hitting the floor.. without ever giving much thought to our trust level, we lay our heads on our pillows aware that a higher presence secures our breath. More often than not our only thought was what need to do tomorrow


  Taking a sip of steaming tea, I consider our need to add to our to do list..BE THANKFUL IN ALL THINGS

It's so quiet here and now in this moment , in this place...a  warm feeling permeates my being as I think of YOU my  sister.  May we each  sense his presence today in all we endeavor to do. as we set our affection on things above. May we have a child-like trust while thanking Him for taking us down any paths we did not want to go knowing that all things work together for good to those that love Him.

As sisters we are stronger when united as one, we are changing day by day.We have transformed minds, empowered spirits and a renewed sense of direction because of ourselves as individuals, because of each other and most of all because of YOU. And for this we are GRATEFUL. 

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I'm participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. At the end of the challenge you will have 30 post. No you don't have to post every day, but it helps, just make sure at the end of 30 days you have 30 posts. This is especially good for folks starting out or those who have written many posts.


You post your post on the blog challenge facebook page and then go read and comment on other bloggers posts. The other bloggers who like your topic or post tile will visit you and comment posting it so others will be encouraged to visit your blog.


This a great way to get eyes on you blog. I have picked up several new followers to my blog. To use this method just do a Google search for blog challenges. A great way to get going as many challenge hostess will suggest a topic of the day for business and personal blogs. If you have specific niche you're going after, try to work out your own blog topic a for a week or several days at a time. You can then have your posts done and you don't feel rushed. Always no matter what add a picture which represents the message you are trying to convey.


Use large type and a large picture. You don't have to write book, just enlighten your audience on the topic .A couple of paragraphs. I  would not do more than four and leave plenty of whit space so the reader doesn't become fatigued.

All the best. Now Get to Blogging. Smile





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We Want You!

GPS is still looking for People Who Prosper OR anyone that is successful, considers themselves successful, or on their way to success!

We are looking to feature and introduce people who are up and coming in their business or already there! is a place that features business owners and shares their stories with someone who just might be able to relate. Believe it or not, sometimes it helps to stay motivated when you hear other people's stories, and this is our goal: Not only to feature successful prosperous people, but to help keep others MOTIVATED.

The other part of this, is that we want you to tell US about YOU. It's easy for anyone to be a fan of your website, blog, Facebook page, or twitter. But is a place for you to challenge yourself and put yourself out there. We give you a chance to brag about yourself! Because let's face it, if you can't talk about you, then who else will? Tell us about your business and services and how long you've been in business. We want to hear your story. Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

I am challenging you today to step out and tell others about you! Here's all you have to do: Email with subject line PeopleWhoProsper to Include your business name, website and a synopsis of "your story". After getting in touch with you, you will be sent a series of questions about yourself, your business and/or services. After you return the answered questions, you will then be featured on, PeopleWhoProsperTV, and over 16,000 people on youtube!

So, take the first step today and tell us about yourself! You never know who will need to hear your story OR need your services! Deuteronomy 8:18: But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

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