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(In 2 Days) Back to Business Webinar Conference


Two more days till the big day! I am so excited to have Richelle Tamu Shaw, Pam Perry, Tanya Smith, Lucinda Cross, Carla Cannon, Katrina Harrell and Cheryl A. Pullins speaking at the SistaSense Back to Business webinar conference this week!

We are going to have a GREAT time ladies! Grab your virtual seat at -


As soon as you register you will get all the webinar login details + access to the replays in case you miss anything or can't make any of the sessions.


Plus if you only want to get the replays OR you prefer to listen in vs watch webinars live (now you can get just these two) for as little as $20 using the code '7OFF'.

Make the last 90 days of 2013 count! Join our full day of information packed webinar sessions, so you can make the right choices and changes that can help take your business to the next level this year.


Follow this link to reserve your seat now - and we will see you inside the power circle!


LaShanda Henry, Founder of BBWO and

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Are You an Entrepreneur in the Making?

Are you tired of your J O B “just over broke”? Do you see others living out their dreams and passions as business owners and wonder how you can do that too? If you answered “Yes”, you’re not alone. Everyday entrepreneurs are longing for ways to fire their bosses and take control of their own destinies. I was feeling the same way about 10 years ago when I was working to build someone else’s business. My background mainly consisted of legal secretary work for high level attorneys. I had advanced level knowledge of MS Word and Excel and was highly organized. I knew my stuff and was highly marketable. My downfall that I was a job hopper moving from one job to the next because I just wasn’t happy.

[Read More]

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Would you like to tune in to learn from seven-figure sisters? Black Women who ALREADY have broken the million-dollar mark—and are still real and warm?

(YOU are going to LOVE me for this one.)

Defy Impossible is on FIRE!!!!


Defy Impossible Live Experience for Black Women in Business
Meet the Experts: Seven-Figure Sisters Series
Complementary Live Stream

  • Tuesday, September 24
  • Tuesday, October 1
  • Tuesday, October 8
  • 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CST/7 p.m. MST/6 p.m. PST

Dr. Venus here.

I am NOT playing with you about this.

I am dead serious that entrepreneurial Black Woman experts, executives, professionals, and service providers need to learn how to identify, monetize, and leverage their worth for BIG paydays, while feeling free and fulfilled.

Here is the link to save your spot:

I have pulled the HOTTEST chicks in the game as my expert speakers for my live event in Dallas, TX, Oct. 10–12. We will be doing the series via live stream on Google+. Yeah, baby! (Let’s get it.)

Each of these sisters is unique.
She has either exceeded the seven-figure mark in her business, has secured seven-figure contracts, and/or runs a seven-figure business with someone else.

However she did it, these sisters are GANGSTA with it and you need to know them!

I cherry-picked each expert to complement what you will be learning from me on the live stream and at the live event. I created the live event to be a training that actually produces results. I want you to win!

The three experts I have for you will be sharing their wisdom in their area of expertise:

  • sales
  • branding/social media
  • landing government or corporate contracts

But more than their sheer genius at what they do, each sister has a giver’s heart. They are the BEST sort of human being you would want to learn from and grow with. Each one has mentored me and empowered my success in tangible ways. So when I say you are getting the best of the best, I am speaking from personal experience.

We will be doing the live stream via Google+, so if you want optimal interaction with these seven-figure sisters, please join Google+. If not, you can ask questions via YouTube. A box for comments will appear next to the video player when the event is active, and you can ask questions in that box.

At the end of each live stream, each expert will present a special offer that you simply CANNOT get anywhere else. So mark your calendar, handle your house, and tune in!

See you on the live stream with our seven-figure sisters!!


Dr. Venus

Ps: Share the love! If you know some sisters who would benefit from learning from Black Women who are CRUSHING IT, forward this email to them and invite them!

How many sisters do you know who are making seven figures? Meet them in this series!

Pay it forward! Sisters need to know that WE can do this! Don’t be stingy! Give. This invite could be the answer to some sister’s prayer. Register now.

PPS: Oh, yes! I almost forgot.  

This series is fresh off the press! Literally, you will optin to a basic page because you are you are getting the hottest stuff first! Enjoy! The page will be changing as we REVEAL the speakers! Be ready to be surprise and delighted!

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La Marchalle's Fashion Boutique Give Away

Let the games begin! This is how you can win this infinity Scarf in Rust!!! $25 value.
Rules to the game.
1. Become a fan of
2. Sign into the website and leave your info.
3. Join the group La Marchalle's Fashion Revew here on Face Book
4. When you ask your friends to join one or all of these they have to mention your name. (_________ Fashion Halla).
5. At least 5 of your friends would have to become a fan, join the group, or leave their info on the sight for you to win.
6. The person with the most friend invites will when this infinity scarf in rust OR $25 in La Marchalle's Fashion Boutique (Fashion Buck's) to add to any item on the website.

The Contest will begin on Tuesday September 17, 2013 and will end on Tuesday September 24, 201310744095881?profile=original

Read more… 1-800-652-7157 How to Build Business Credit without Net30 Accounts. 

In this video I explain why net30 accounts are not necessary for business credit funding. I have stated over the year that if people want to get approved for revolving credit they have to do several things, starting with their personal credit.

1. Repairing your personal credit so you can be a guarantor on business credit cards or loans is important to the business.  If you feel that repairing your personal credit may take to long, then find a service that offer cpn's or scn's. 
Click on the link

Some business owners have elected to add someone with strong credit on their board to be a personal guarantee for the company.

Click on the link

2. Building the business foundation to acquire funding.  As a small business owner you need a website and social media, as well as, registering the company.

3.  Business owners need to file financials and ucc-1.  This is what the banks look for in a business credit file.  These documents are what is used to help get the business loans and revolving credit cards.

4.  When you receive your articles of incorporation, you need to go open up 3 bank accounts (checking, savings, and expense).  In the ebook I teach you how to properly use those bank accounts to build a relationship with the banks. 

5. Purchasing the Dun and Bradstreet credit builder package is a good way to expedite to build up your business credit file.

Check out the ebook

Read more…  Understanding a 80 Paydex Score and Business Credit Score/Rating

In this video I explain to you the difference between a paydex score and a business credit rating.
First, understanding that a paydex score is based off a customer paying 3 to 5 trade credit vendors on time.  Trade credit vendors commonly called Net30 Accounts give credit to start-ups or established companies. There is not a lot of factoring that goes into it.

Now lets look at a few important things that are used to factor a business credit rating.
1. A company's size and it's structure pay a key roll in it's credit rating.  I explain these factors in my new ebook "The Insider Bank Secrets." 
Click here to get the book

2. The industry risk code or SIC CODE AND NAICS CODE also help to factor your business credit rating.  In my new ebook, I give you examples of good and bad risk codes in helping you to obtain business credit funding.

3. The outstanding balances of your accounts payable will also affect your business credit rating. 

4. Paying your bills on time or earlier help determine you a good risk as well as your credit card utilization.  Having high utilization, but low credit card balances also has an impact on your business credit score.

5.  Having good public records and updated financials help boost your business credit score.  When file those ucc-1 financials statements showing you paid a loan off, or paid a lien in full you are showing lenders your business is a good credit risk.  Always keeping up to date financials on file to show the growth in your business also has a positive influence or your business credit rating.  I explain all these steps in my new ebook "The Insider Bank Secrets." 
Click on the link to get the book

6. The length of your credit history for the business also is important.  This show the business has stability and profitability over a period of time.  In our business credit forum, we show our members how to create this history.

Click on the link to get the ebook and check out the forum.

Read more… 5 Reasons Internet Marketers Fail in Business.

In this video I discuss why Internet Marketers fail in business and how to avoid these failures.
1. Internet Marketers or online marketers don't know how to properly structure their business.  They seek out help from companies like Legal Zoom to help them structure the business.  However, companies customer support  does not understand that their is more things that go along with structuring the business then just filing some secretary of state paperwork.  The clients business must be properly registered online in multiple data bases, so the company can get the exposure it needs from 3rd party companies.

2.  Many internet marketers don't use their own products.  This is a problem because if you don't know your product then it becomes challenging then to get someone else to purchase and use your product.  The force their products on potential customers not knowing if that  product it right for that customers.

3.  Internet Marketers need to build relationships with their customers.  Building a good relationship before and after they purchase from you.  This help builds the customer confidense that they made the right choice in purchasing from you. You never want a customer to have buyers remorse, because you never communicated with them after they purchased from you. 

Although, many of them may not use the products giving them a follow up call or sending them an email shows that you were interested in their purchase, and you want to see if they make have an issue with the product.

4. Learning how to manage the business.  A lot of internet marketer don't treat this as their business. They look at it as away to earn some extra cash with out the responsibility. Understanding they may be using it as a career change, it still is a business.

You still need to invest in the business, whether it may be education or software to help you run the business much soother.  Their accounting and taxes to be paid for what ever income that's generated from the business.

5. Many internet marketers want instant success.  They don't realize it takes time to grow the business in order for your to have success in it.  It's not easy, it's a growing and learning process.  We would all like to have short cuts in business, but it could lead us to a loss.

I encourage you to join the business credit forum to get access to more videos and other resources to help you grow your business.

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5 Bad Credit Financing Sources 5 Tips on How to get Bad Credit Financing.

1. Merchant cash advances- these are loans that are done off of future credit card receipts. It you have an merchant account with flagship merchant, square-up, paypal, or intuit, just to name a few. You can attempt to get a loan without them looking at your personal credit. Although, I still feel you should focus on fixing your personal credit.

2. Forming a partnership with some that has access to cash or credit is another good resource. As long as, they have an clear understanding of what portion of the business they would own. This is why Business Credit America encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to setup C-corporations so you can just issue stocks instead of making people partnerships.

3. Micro-loans- are made by non-profit organizations, such as Accion (, which will grant small loans (up to $50,000) designed to help startups owned by women and minorities, as well as companies that are established in economic empowerment zones. Loans are also available through the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Microloan Program, which lends funds through non-profit community-based intermediary lenders. Microloans are a great option for businesses with bad credit or no credit histories because their credit requirements are typically more lenient.

4. Crowd funding- is a resource of private investors that are looking for business to invest in for a higher return on their money. When the banks experienced that financial melt down, they stop lending money to business owners. Many of their investors were not getting good returns on bank cd's, money market accounts, or annuities, so these investors started to lend money to small businesses in return for a better interest rate of return. They don't focus on the personal credit. These investors are looking at the profitability of the business is how they determine who they will invest their money with.

5. IRA'S- A lot of people that are still employed or may have access to their retirement plans, may want to consider borrowing from it. The term is called ROB- roll over business. We will discuss how to use the IRA's without being penalized early in the forums.

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Online profits can only come when you have a steady flow of people visiting your website. The audio/video above is the replay of my first 'Jumpstart Your Business' weekly teleclass series.


This session is all about 3 Ways to Gain Exposure and Drive Traffic to Your Web Business - whether you are starting up or you are an established woman in business looking to jumpstart or restart your online marketing and sales efforts, this session includes strategies that you can implement in your business right now.



Enjoy the teleclass replay above. For more be sure to review:
- 7 Steps for Beginner Bloggers


And if you'd like to participate in my weekly calls, be sure to join the SistaSense Online Circle.

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Have you even spoken with one of your clients or customers and gotten an earful of how amazing you are? Have you asked them to email you a testimonial or requested that they give you a linked -In recommendation only to find it never happens?

You probably already know the importance of featuring testimonials on your website.

Testimonials are an important part of your content mix. They can be used to provide proof and convince prospects to buy from you.

But, they can be hard to get if you don't have a process that makes it easy.

People get busy and forget. So, the best way to make it easy to get testimonials for your products and services is to automate the process.

testimonial form

#1. Create a Testimonial Request Template

The best way to get a testimonial is to ask. But, having to write a request every time you get a customer can feel like a lot, especially if you're super busy.

So, I recommend creating a standard template you can just copy and pop into an email to send to your client.

After you complete a project, simply send this email to your client. Here's a template you can use:

"Hello [client's name],

It was a pleasure working with you.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to me. Plus you're feedback is valuable in helping to ensure we provide the best results possible.

So, if you would take a few moments of your time to give us feedback on your experience, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Simply complete this short form here; {insert link to your form}.

Thanks again!

Your Sign Off"


#2. Create a Form Using Your Favorite Form Creation Tool

Now, you can easily have clients simply respond to your request by sending you their feedback via email. The problem with doing it this way is, you may get a "lazy" testimonial. A lazy testimonial looks like, "Working with you was great!".

That's a warm and fuzzy compliment, but it really doesn't communicate results. That's what you're going for. Feel free to use or tweak the questions I use on my testimonial form.

The best way to get a powerful testimonial is to have them answer a series of questions.

To create your form, you can use any form creation or auto-responder you have or check out the options below:


#3.Create a Thank You/Gift Page

testimonial-thanks.jpg?width=229After you create your email request and form, create a thank you page. Your thank you page can be as simple or complex as you like.

If you want to make it a sweet deal you can add a free gift as an incentive for them taking time to give their feedback.


One Last Thing...

After you've set this up you'll have a repeatable system that takes seconds not minutes.

But, I would recommend after you get your testimonials creating a swipe file for storing them. Choose the best ones and archive them. If you have a virtual office, that would be the place to store them it. If you use Google Forms, it's okay to just leave them there .

Select the most compelling testimonials and feature them on your website as proof you rock!
Kenya Halliburton

Get This Done!

Kenya Halliburton helps busy entrepreneurs who hate to write create compelling content and install proven marketing systems that win clients and cash. To learn more about how to get the content marketing systems featured in this article set up in your business, visit .


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This is the  JMCC way to grow your business!!

Here is one of the reasons, being a Juniques Multi Cultural Connection member can be so powerful for your business, network, personal, and professional growth.  

There NO COST to being a Juniques Multi Cultural Connections member!!!

Juniques Multi Cultural Community , using the Attract, Sort, Assign system to help grow your business

I am using the ATTRACT, SORT, AND ASSIGN system  to promote many of the activities I am involved with. 

Most people struggle with  HOW to promote their business. 

You can promote any business/service ( so you can share this with those, not interested at all, in any MLM business)

The system is designed to ATTRACT, SORT, AND ASSIGN  this a my success formula.

We can speak more on this. 

This supports the ONE CLICK MARKETING approach.  

People like free and you have to plenty to offer with juniques multi cultural connections.

People like options, business or otherwise ( regardless if they share with you or not, they are looking)

People like low cost ( programs are under $30 per month)

People want help - The Attract,Sort,Assign System provides training and support for any business (on or off the net)


People want to grow - The Attract,Sort,Assign System develops one personally and professionally

People want real - The Attract,Sort,Assign System shows how getting 20 people following you into your business choice guarantees financial improvement - yours and theirs. 

Reality - most people, especially those joining MLM companies, quit within 90 days

Most people, especially those joining MLM companies, will not recruit more than 3 people

Most people, especially those joining MLM companies, do not make any money to talk about.

There is  an extremely low percentage making "real" money. ( 1% to 3% of a distributor base)

Most people, especially those joining MLM companies, QUIT OUT OF FRUSTRATION.

Most people,especially those joining MLM companies, continue to repeat this scenario, too often. 


Stick with me, I will show you what works.

No hype, No crazy promises

No guilt tripping (you should do better, just because, you should do better), 

No unreal expectations ( join my business in less than 90 days you will be making "walk away" income - gimme a break!). 


We will use a lot of 4 letter words





Yes, I have more, LOL

Get back to me.

Lets discuss your progress. 

At your service,


Get Started Today

PS I use the Attract, Sort, Assign system at Black Business Women Online.

This system can be applied many different ways, and it is a benefit to all who use it. 

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10744099660?profile=originalAs a mentor to women and mom entrepreneurs, I often receive messages with questions such as; How can I start a business online? How do I get more customers? And the big one, How can I start a business if I don’t have any money?

These are all the same types of questions I had when I first started out online and to find my answers, I did what I naturally like to do…research! That’s how I was able to learn all about marketing and business building. YES, with a very, very small budget. (I started with just under $20 bucks)

Lately, I’ve been hearing from some very passionate women who truly have a desire to work from home but just don’t have the start-up funds to invest in a typical direct sales or network marketing opportunity. They also don’t have extra money to apply towards marketing.

They come to me at a total loss…

So, what did I decide to do?

Well, for the past few weeks, I’ve been doing some research on a work at home company that I was introduced to a while back. Though I’m very open-minded when it comes to new opportunities, I’m skeptical about a lot of the companies out here promising overnight riches for doing nothing.

With that being said, I take a thorough look into any business venture, program or opportunity before I recommend anything to anybody.

The program I’ve been working with has won me over!

The first thing that made me really look at it is the fact that you can actually get started for FREE. There are no upfront costs, no out of pocket expenses, no inventory, and no monthly costs. A definite perk for those who don’t have money to invest. [continue reading]

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Charity, Shopping & You

Have you ever been at the grocery store and they have food item or product at the end of the counter, then after they ring up your groceries, they ask: "Would you like to donate $1 for (fill in the blank) charity?".  More often than not, most people say yes because, they have already purchased my groceries and hey, what is an extra dollar?   

How about when you get that call on the phone to ask if you would please buy a magazine subscription at a ridiculously low rate to help a particular charity to raise money?  Again, most people would sign up because well, they like to read and always wanted that particular magazine.  Normally you would not subscribe to it as it is an unnecessary expense.  But now it is for charity so, why not?  You get the enjoyment of your favorite magazine and the charity gets the funds it needs.  

These methods are just some of the ways that charities have instituted to help them to raise funds. Rather than ask outright, why not give people something that they may already want while asking for a donation.  Retailers have similar way of working.   Product Red aka  (PRODUCT)RED was formed to raise awareness to awareness and funds to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa.  

And as most people know, pink products are what Avon has to raise awareness and funds for the fight against breast cancer.  They have also introduced purple products for the fight against domestic violence.  

Tastefully Simple has also joined the ranks of retail brands introducing products for charity.  Their cause is Share Our Strength via No Kid Hungry campaign to fight against child hunger in America.

These are just some of the ways that charities try to make it easier for people to give.  Whether it be beautiful clothes and jewelry or delicious gourmet food, charity can now be more than an annual event.  Giving to charity is no longer something that is considered obligatory.  You can give when you want, how ever you want and feel rewarded by not only in making the contribution, but getting something that you can enjoy as well.  Charity can truly begin at home.
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How Not to Have an Automation Meltdown


I love automation. It's one of the reasons I have a business, but it can also be a big pain in the rear when it doesn't work.

I remember this one week where I was having terrible problems with my meeting scheduler. I was using a service to set up complimentary appointments with prospective clients and I'd done this big promotion about it. What was supposed to happen is the person would go to this page, click on a link to see my available calendar, and in about 2-3 clicks they're all set.

They'd get an email confirmation and the meeting time would pop into my calendar. No back and forth, no wasted time, boom - there is the appointment.

I had a number of people trying to set up their free time to connect but they weren't getting the handy little meeting schedule. Instead every one of them kept getting an "error 404" page ... those error pages always get on my last nerve especially when it means I have a link not working! Ever had that happen to you?

So what was happening is I kept getting phone call after phone call telling me the link didn't work, asking for next steps, requesting a return phone call. Some were even downright insults saying things like "this is unprofessional" (and yes, remember I said it was a free offer ---sometimes those are the worst kind when things go wrong).

Well once I figured out what the problem was, I'd missed at least 20 prospective meetings. I had to personally call each person back who left a voicemail and arrange the meeting manually, which is what I'd set up the service to help me avoid in the first place! That free time turned into triple the hours I'd planned for.

After that little incident, I learned my lesson. I'll give you a few quick hitter tips you can use so you don't end up falling prey to an automation disaster like this.

Always Test Your Automated Systems

When I sent out the promotion emails and let people know the links were open, I should have already tested the entire process myself along with having a friend or assistant test it. I know this now. Most of the time I'll remember this horrible week and I will have someone go through the entire process as though they are signing up. That way, any errors can be worked out before the whole world hears about it.

Remember, It's People Over Process

Many people think more of their super fabulous tools and systems than what the experience will be like for the end user. If you take the time to put yourself in the other person's shoes -- you know, the person who might just be investing in you or your stuff? -- you will know if you're headed in the right direction. Think about things like, "how easy is this to use?", "how many buttons would I click?", "does this frustrate me more than endear me to the service?".

You should make it easy for people to do business with you, not harder. The more difficult it is, the less likely they will buy.

Always Have a Back Up

Sure in this case I was the back-up. I literally sat down and made a list of all the people and manually called them myself. But what if there was a better way? If I had an assistant at the time, I would have had more help. Or if I learned through the testing process that the service wasn't working, I would easily have changed over to a new scheduling service before the promotion ever went out.

Think through your backup plan. What could you use if a part of your system is not flowing smoothly? What resources are available quickly and within your budget? Just thinking this through may save you a ton of time and money.

Now I can't tell you I've never had an automation problem ever again, but I can say that putting systems in place to help me replicate my work has always cost me less in the end than doing it all manually...both in dollars and in sanity. If you remember the tips I shared with you in this post, you'll reduce the chances of automation fail.

Want to learn more about how to use automation the right way? Get more over at my main blog

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Beaverton, OR. August 5, 2013 – Melinda Gregory's "All In" was selected as the winner from a narrow list of finalists who submitted manuscripts for Ellechor Publishing's Avant-Garde Writing Contest.

The Avant-Garde Manuscript Contest is for unpublished fiction of a Christian and/or Inspirational nature. Avant-Garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

“All In” is a contemporary Christian romance, loosely based on the book of Ruth, which tells the love story of Katie and Nick. Katie's dreams include the lights and stages of New York City--not being stuck in the snowiest place on the planet, Buffalo, New York. It was only supposed to be a pit stop on her odyssey to Broadway, not a place to meet the nice-guy-with-a-snowplow Nick Sears, and certainly not a place where she'd find herself taking on the role of Ruth in a local church play. Yet, Nick pursues her, slow and steady, a genuine nice guy who's determined not to finish last in the race for her heart. Will Katie move on to the Big Apple. . . or will she decide to go all in with the man from Buffalo?

This book takes on topics other Christian fiction might shy away from or gloss over. Its different take on the usual boy meets girl story is told through the heroine's eyes in the first person format. Though the characters are adults, Katie is a heroine younger women can relate to. It's a story moms can feel okay sharing with their daughters, which is huge in today's "50 Shades" market.

Melinda Gregory, the author of the forthcoming novel, is a Chiefs’ fan who makes her home in the middle of Bills’ territory.  She’s been married to her own nice guy for over a dozen years and is the mother of mischievous twin girls.  When not working at one of her two jobs, you can find her writing (read: checking Facebook), curled up with a great book, or knee-deep in laundry. “All In” is her first novel.

"All In" is for the romantics out there, for readers who love to see the good guy finish first and get the girl. It will resonate with young women and those who've been through the loss of someone close to them.

As the Grand Prize winner of Avant-Garde writing contest, Melinda will receive a traditional book publishing contract courtesy of Ellechor Publishing House.

“All In” will be released in November 2014.



About Ellechor Publishing House


Ellechor Publishing House is producer of both Christian fiction and nonfiction literature. We provide our readers with top quality publications by focusing not only on the product, but on the providers as well. Beyond just book publishing, we ensure that our writers have the support they need to develop, so they can provide quality manuscripts. We accomplish this via many unique and effective programs, as well as creative publishing options and extensive distribution.

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This guide is inspired by my presentation at the SistaSense Power Circle Conference; “When Your Passion Becomes A Pain: How to Fall Back in Love With Your Business, Rediscover Your Passion and Tap into Your Hidden Profit Potential.”


Service Professionals and Women Entrepreneurs ask SistaSense, “How do I stop giving it all away for free? More importantly, how do I work with clients who say they can’t afford to pay me, but are in need of the products and services that I offer?”


To answer the questions above, I’m sure most of my male entrepreneurs out there would simply say, “Don’t work with people who can’t afford to pay you, period.” Of course as a woman that maternal ‘I want to help’ feeling kicks in and this makes it almost impossible to say no. Trust me I know how hard it is to turn away the people you feel most compelled to serve, but at the same time we all know giving it all away won’t pay the bills. So what do you do? How can this work?


Before we get to the answers, let me first begin with a quick story. A little over 5 years ago I decided to turn my web design business / side hustle into an official work at home business. Starting out on a shoe string budget, my goal has always been to provide women, moms and other minority startups with affordable resources without sacrificing quality for cost. At the same time, as a service professional it’s frustrating when customers want high quality for free or little to nothing. Sometimes that frustration turns into confusion leading us to either start looking for new ways to boost business or a new business to try.


Rule #1: Instead of trying to find a quick fix or a new business venture, consider changing your approach to dealing with potential customers.

In the pursuit of profit have you ever felt powerless to the demands of your customers? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a consultation impulsively overriding your policies, revamping your packages and reducing your prices just to close the deal? If this scenario happens more times than you would like to admit, try something different next time. Instead of fearfully going into the conversation ready to take any offer, work on improving your position of power by preparing for the conversation.


Write down these rules and let's talk more about about how you prepare to pitch to clients on small budgets...


Rule #2: Never lose your power in pursuit of profit.
When your potential customers start telling you they can't afford it, don't start a back and forth price drop conversation in the hopes of meeting them 'half way'. Even if you close the deal, you've probably lost all your power in the process by settling for a price point that devalues your original offer.


(continue reading on

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You come home from a long day at work and just want to veg. Your nagging “to do” list of laundry, mowing the lawn, and cleaning out your car seem so daunting. But there is something else you are forgetting. Something really important. What was it?

How To Market

Oh yeah. My book was just released. I should get to that.

The reality for many authors is that success is not instant. Being an author isn’t a high-paying, full-time job for many; and so authors must work a different, perhaps less exciting, full-time job in order to support their goals of perhaps one day becoming a bestselling author.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be an instant success? To wake up one day, quit your regular job and just earn millions in royalties from book sales?

Bestselling author Jodi Picoult, author of My Sister’s Keeper, said on her podcast, “So You Want to Be a Writer,” explains that most writers don’t get published. Even others who do get their book printed only see little sales. Vow not to let that happen to you.

You know you need to spend time marketing. But how do you get there? How do you spend the time needed in order to market your book when your day already feels like it is filled to the max?

Picoult continues: “For many people, the tricky thing is time… often, if you’re working a 9-to-5 job, the last thing you want to do is sit down and work on your novel at the end of the day. But if you don’t give yourself a designated time to write everyday, it won’t happen…. You don’t need six hours. Just a half hour. Or several.”

While she is talking about writing a book, the same concept could be applied tomarketing as well. So many authors out there are struggling with time, just like you. The difference between authors with titles that sell and titles that don’t are that the successful authors go out and market their book when they could, whenever they could. The unsuccessful ones only dream about it, let other things get in the way, and offer the excuse, “I just don’t have the time.”

Don’t let that be you!

As you embark on your journey of being an author while holding down a full-time job, keep these important tips in mind:

Set aside time everyday to devote to marketing.

Develop a Promotion Plan of effective marketing techniques.

Be consistent over a long period of time.

If you can do these three things, eventually it won’t matter that you don’t have gobs of hours to spend marketing your book. Do these things, and hopefully you will be the successful author you have always dreamed of being. Let's expound on these three key things, shall we?

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