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I had been being becoming annoyed with a lot of my female clients lately and I didn't know why. Checking out this Forbes post made it clear to me why I was feeling the way I was feeling. It was because to me they were seeming to constantly be apologizing. 

Yes the "I'm Sorry" syndrome. I would imagine it comes from our cultures emphasis on being polite. "You don't want to be rude"; "You don't want to be an inconvience"; "Don't be a burden"; "Speak Only When Spoken To." All of these concepts would lead women to be more apologetic then men. 

In her article:

Why Are Women Always Apologizing

 Ruchika Tulshyan mentions the Confidence Gap. It seems that :"The commercial also comes at a time when there’s much talk about a confidence gap that holds women back from succeeding at work. Indeed, over-apologizing could be feeding into this. In an Atlantic article “The Confidence Gap,” the authors state: “A lack of confidence informs a number of familiar female habits. Take the penchant many women have for assuming the blame when things go wrong, while crediting circumstance—or other people—for their successes. (Men seem to do the opposite.)” One way women tend to assume blame? By over-apologizing." 

Hence the source of my annoyance. It's a knee jerk reaction to when you are blaming someone for something. Let me put it this way, when some does something to cause you to blaming them did they do something that pleases you or annoys you?

This is an AH HA moment for me. I've been running around all this time feeling annoyed and didn't see what was really triggering it.  I like the commercial. The only thing is don't go overboard in the opposite direction and I think that's what the last woman did when she snatches the blanket.

The objective is not to apologize for things you have no overtly apparent reason to be sorry for. You're new to marketing your going to make mistakes. You don't have to apologize for making a boo boo. Just correct it if you can or not repeat it in the future.

I know one thing, I will not say I'm sorry for Apologizing being short of patience at time. Forgive me. Let me know what your thoughts are.
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Click here if you would like to learn how to find joy and balance in your life.

Today, too many women are wearing multiple hats. Wearing these many hats gives the appearance that we are SUPER WOMEN, when in fact, we are crying on the inside. Our minds and schedules belong to others. Yes, it is okay to take care of others; however, we must take time out for ourselves.

It is not being selfish, if you spend 10 minutes or more on yourself. Who is going to take care of you? In order to help others, we must be healthy and strong. One of the most important things is learning to say no. The second most important thing we must learn is to delegate.

  • Learn how to become organized
  • Learn how to become stress-free
  • Learn how to live your purpose
  • Learn how to Say NO!!!

Join us for the upcoming Finding Joy and Balance In Your Life Telesummit, a free event hosted as part of the Spiritual Body Building TeleSummit series created by Renee Wiggins, RD. LD.

Event includes 10 speakers over the course of 10 days starting on June 23, 2014. Sign up via the link below:

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Ruby Dee

As we acknowledge the life of Ruby Dee, I encourage you to visit IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and review the career Ms Dee crafted.  You will find some favorite roles that she portrayed, and you will probably be surprised by some others that she played.

Some of the most memorable roles for me include mother to Flipper and Gator in “Jungle Fever”, and in Mother Sister in “Do the Right Thing”.  She played these roles effortlessly seeming not to be acting at all.  One of her earlier roles that I found interesting was Rae Robinson in “The Jackie Robinson Story” in 1950.

Her artistic abilities are without question, but what should also be acknowledged is the advocacy she and her husband, Ossie Davis, provided for education.  She and Mr. Davis championed the need for quality education for children, particularly economically disadvantaged children.  They believed that all children are important; that all children deserve to be educated; and that the only way that this will happen is if we, the adults in the room, take up the cause.  In 1990, I had the opportunity to interview Ms Dee and Mr. Davis and hear, first hand, their passion for learning.  You can see a portion of their discussion at  Their advocacy, no doubt, has made a difference in many places, and in many lives; and it still drives those who desire to make a difference in the lives of the future generations.



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Lessons- Dr. Maya Angelou

The passing of Dr. Maya Angelou has generated feelings of sadness for many.  The personal revelation that she is no longer physically among us will make some feel forlorn.  But, there also exists a joy, not in her death, but in her life.  There are those whose continued existence is bolstered by some inspiration she gave them.  When they were down and out, some word from Dr. Angelou lifted them; gave them strength; brought them joy.  So while sadness may be expected, the joy comes from knowing that we were allowed to be in the same space in time and learn from Dr. Angelou’s greatness.

As Dr. Angelou’s life is being recalled it is clear that hers was a life that mattered.  A multi-talented soul; she could dance, she could sing, she could act, but her gift from the Master was to give us words that would inspire.  Her writings spoke to many, giving them reason to keep moving forward.  That was Dr. Angelou’s purpose and she understood it well.


The tributes all recount the significance of Dr. Angelou’s life, but what is wonderful is that Dr. Angelou had the opportunity to hear all of these accolades while she lived.  From dignitaries to everyday people, Dr. Angelou was constantly told and shown that she made a difference.  That what she had given the world mattered.  And this is so wonderful because Dr. Angelou was given her flowers while she could still smell them.  The accolades did not suddenly come in death.  She heard it all before she shut her eyes.


And that may be the lesson here.  If someone matters in your life then it is best to let them know that while they live rather than express it in their eulogy.  Dr. Angelou passed away clearly aware that she mattered to many.  The eulogies will not offer any new insights as to why her life was significant.  That was all done were while she lived.  The good doctor Maya Angelou; leaving us with yet another lesson.


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The #1 Unforgivable Sin Most Women Commit In A Relationship...

What if I were to tell you that there's an unforgivable sin
almost every woman commits around a man?

What if I were to tell you that hundreds of millions of women do
this EVERYDAY with their man?

What if I further told you that most women who do this have no idea
that they're committing a horrible sin?

Are you wondering if you do it too? Before I talk about this sin,
I'd like to share a story with you...

It's a story about Cindy & Matt. They have been in a
relationship for the last 2 years. They always had a great
connection, it was like they were made for each other but lately
things aren't the same.

Cindy is very worried...She can sense that Matt is a lot more
"inside his head" lately, he isn't being as open as
he used to be. She misses the comfort of the days when she could
talk about something & genuinely connect with him.

But now she is living a life of quite desperation because
Matt's behavior is confusing her, She is feeling a lot more out
of control, she is spending her days in constant fear &
anxiety, she wants to know what's going on but lack of
communication from Matt is only making things worse.

She is a lot more miserable now and misses the closeness but it
seems like Matt doesn't really care.
She is wondering if it's something she has said or done which
is causing this? She can sense this huge gap in understanding &
a giant invisible wall between herself and Matt.

But there is an even bigger fear which is freaking her out, she
fears that maybe Matt is thinking of breaking up with her. She
fears that maybe he is doing things behind her back & has
someone else in his life.

The very thought of imagining Matt with another woman makes her
feel this ugly feeling in her stomach, her heart starts to pound
faster and it makes her feel literally paralyzed.

Have you ever had such a feeling around your man? Have you ever
felt that awful feeling in your gut when you didn't know what
was going on inside his head and you feared that maybe he was
thinking of leaving you?

Well maybe you have faced a similar situation or maybe you
haven't... but I bet you can relate to that nasty feeling that
surfaces when you don't understand your man.

Hundreds of millions of women go through this every single day. But
do you know why this happens? It's because most women commit
the number 1 unforgivable sin in a relationship which completely
ruins their chances...Want to know what this sin is?

Here it is and I want you to listen carefully to this...The number
1 unforgivable relationship sin is - Not Knowing How The Male Mind

I bet you're wondering - huh? This isn't really a sin. Yes
it is and let me tell you why. It's a sin because not
understanding how the male mind works will always lead you into
relationship issues and problems, you will always find yourself
confused and frustrated.

And it's unforgivable because it can completely ruin a happy
relationship and often times can lead to a painful divorce or a
breakup which could have been avoided. Not understanding the male
psychology can send you on emotional "tailspins" for days
on end, and you will feel out of control as a result. It is without

This can be the devastating kiss-of-death to your relationship
unless you do something about it right now. Follow this link right
now & watch the video on the next page till the very late

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10744108671?profile=originalAre you ready to stop procrastinating on your dreams and finally start getting paid to do what you love?

In just THREE DAYS, you will learn a simple step-by-step process for building a passion-based business that honors your gifts, brings in consistent income and provides you with the FREEDOM to live your ideal life!

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You want to build a successful business doing work that you love
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If so, Rosetta Thurman invites you to join her on June 27-29, 2014 for the Launch Your Business LIVE Boot Camp in Atlanta, Georgia! Click here to register:

In just three days, you’re going to learn:

  • How to set an inspiring income goal that will help you focus your efforts on the most important, revenue-generating activities in your business
  • How you can create a consistent weekly schedule to work on your business, even if you have a demanding full-time job, kids and a husband at home!
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  • How to define your brand so that you can attract the perfect prospects to your doorstep
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About Your Host Rosetta Thurman:
Rosetta Thurman is a nationally-recognized author, speaker, mentor and coach dedicated to empowering women through personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Happy Black Woman, a supportive community that helps women create lives of happiness, success and freedom. Rosetta teaches women, step-by-step, how to find their purpose, take action on their goals and build businesses doing what they love, all while becoming happier and more fulfilled. Rosetta’s clients and students value her “tough love” approach to helping them achieve powerful breakthroughs in their lives. Rosetta and the Happy Black Woman brand have been interviewed, quoted and featured in numerous media outlets such as JET Magazine,, BBC London, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Forbes Woman.

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Get a professional review of your business credit file before you ask a banker or investor for money. Business Credit America knows it could be a very embarrassing and frustrating feeling to hear someone tell you that your business credit is not strong enough to be approved for a small business loan. We know what lenders are looking for in a business, and we could show you what's missing in your file that's keeping you from being approved for a loan. 1-888-883-3013

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Business Credit America will check you CPN Number for you. We will do a thorough investigation on the number to show you whether the number you have is someone elses social security number or is it a legitimate number that has never existed.

1.  Worried Your CPN Number is Bad?
2.  How Was Your CPN Number Was Validated?
3.  Are Creditors Asking For Your SSN CARD?
4.  Does Your Broker Ignore Your Phone Calls?

Click on the link to get your CPN Number checked

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Sisterfriends returning from a walk around the neighborhood during Sisters & Friends Getaway to Martha's Vineyard.

There is no better month for a relaxing girlfriends getaway than September. It's back-to-school, back-to-work, back-to-reality drudgery. Most of us have busy months from the beginning of the year with hectic schedules, bad weather that seems to never end, a great summer of graduations, weddings, showers, reunions and other family and friends events. That’s all good! But, September is the perfect time to focus on you. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Starts the end of the summer with a vacation!
  2. Rates are less costly
  3. Popular spots are free from most tourists
  4. Less worry about ‘missing’ activities at home
  5. Things have settled and you can relax

Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard is perfect for relaxing and for a September jumpstart to the rest of the year. The unique location makes it a popular rejuvenating spot because it is secluded and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Rich with African American history, Adam Clayton Powell and Dorothy West once owned homes there. Writer Jill Nelson, broadcaster Charlayne Hunter-Gault, and Spike Lee own homes on MV and the Obamas visit there in August. Oak Bluffs, the Sisters and Friends "neighborhood" destination is one of the island's principal points of arrival and is noted for its "gingerbread cottages" and other well-preserved mid to late-nineteenth-century buildings. Women gather from around the country, most meeting for the first time are at ease not having to dress to impress, wear many hats or be on when they want to be off!  Sisters and Friends enjoy exploring the island, planned and impromptu workshops, clean air and vintage houses where sitting on the porch after a swim, line-dancing, or sampling another ice cream parlor is a perfect interlude during a Sisters & Friends day. Best thing is women come alone or with friends and leave with new life-long connections.

It is not too late to register and join women from around the country on a September Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard. Visit

Connie Portis is the host of the annual Sisters & Friends Getaway to Oak Bluffs in Martha's Vineyard. To attend this year or for more information, contact her at or 412-400-8809.

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Empowerment Diva Launches New Facebook Marketing Training for Christian Women In Business

The Empowerment Diva is taking the mystery out of Facebook Marketing for Biz and Ministry and bringing ease to your Business, Ministry and marketing efforts using Facebook Marketing


 Jun. 8, 2014 - What are your thoughts about Facebook?

Some people like Facebook, some dislike it and other’s don’t understand it.

While that is true Facebook is now considered one of the most popular social networks in the world. You’ll find people everywhere checking Facebook on their mobiles, in waiting rooms, at restaurants and they’ll stop to check in via apps to keep their Facebook friends updated on their whereabouts.

Are you using this phenomenal tool? Are you using the power of Facebook to help you with positioning as an expert, branding or establishing you as a friend? “If you have a business and have identified that some of your market is there you’re basically turning your back on your business.” Says Robin Tramble Certified Social Media marketing  Campaign Specialist

Here’s the great part: Using Facebook pages to grow your business doesn’t have to be hard.

There are a few things you want to keep in mind, including Robin’s T.I.M.E. ™ formula which allows for ease in navigation and increased profitability when followed.

Robin states that one thing you want to do is optimize your Facebook page that’s if you have a Facebook page and if you don’t that would be the first step; Get one! Optimizing your page will assist you in getting a higher placement in the search engines.

Maybe you’ve identified the value of Social Media and more specifically using Facebook but don’t know where to start.

Robin’s Brand New Webinar (online event) is for you!

"Finally, Attract The Clients You Need Via Profitable Facebook Marketing and Mindset Mastery!

Robin is also being very generous with her invitation to download her Get Clients With Facebook Take Action Guide (Value over $37)

Are you ready to increase your knowledge of Facebook for Business and Ministry and manifest some of your desired results for your business and/or ministry?

This event is designed with Christian Business and Ministry Owners such as Christian Women in Business, Christian Women Entrepreneurs,Coaches, Speakers, Authors and Leaders in mind.

Claim your spot here

About Robin Tramble International

Robin Tramble International is founded by Robin Tramble Internationally acclaimed Authentic Empowerment Coach, Mentor, Speaker & Music Extraordinaire. Robin empowers busy Christian Women In Business, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers and Authors Who may be frustrated with the slow growth of their business and/or desire to manifest an Extraordinary mindset and healthy internal structure to get unstuck, focused and go BIG while prospering and making a difference in the world “authentically!”

Robin Tramble International
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Reunion...White T-shirt Sale

Hello Ladies...

Are you getting ready for your upcoming Family Reunion, Class Reunion, Church Reunion?

Around D-Town T-shirts & Graphics is having a WHITE TEE SHIRT Sale...t-shirts with 1-color ink imprint for ONLY $7.95 ea. Must order min. 50 t-shirts. FREE ART DESIGN!!! NO shipping cost and ONLY $20 screen charge! If your group orders 100 t-shirts, GET A FREE 6' x 2' Full Color Banner--free design!!! Turnaround time: 8 business days!

Call us for more details....248.667.6449.  WE SHIP TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA.  Check out more designs at:   Or, view our Portfolio at:

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