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Who Are You Not to Be Great?

A Message from Your Biggest Fan & Advocate:

Dear Brilliantly Blessed Entrepreneur...

Who are you not to be great?
You, with the imagination of a brilliant child and gifts and talents granted by God,

Who are you to be ordinary?
You, who holds the seeds of greatness in your hand,

Who are you to be afraid?
You, who can do ALL things through Christ that
strengthens you while impacting infinite lives,

Who are you to be a slave to the past?
You, who can rewrite history with a single thought, and speak life to new opportunities with one word,

Who are you to be anonymous?
You, who’s name like Albert Einstein, Dr. Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs & Maya Angelou inspires others to step out of the shadows into their greatness,

And who are you to deny greatness?
If you would deny it to yourself, you would deny it to the entire world. And we will not be denied. ”

~Adapted by Kenya Halliburton from the monologue of the new
Sony PlayStation Commercial just for you! :)


Who are you not to be great? Infographic by Kenya Halliburton


So, Whats the answer?

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard

And as a champion of your success, I’d be honored if you let me know what you thought about this article. Your tips, advice and comments are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Communities!!!

Juniques Multi Cultural Community is pleased to announce

We have translations for over 70 different language.

JMCC is truly a Multi Cultural Community and we want to share

our information people around the globe.

Come join us and read in your native language our community members shared information.

Networking Increase Net Worth!!!

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Black Success: Financial Independence Strategy

10744095293?profile=originalWhat does financial independence mean to you?  For many people, it means freedom from having to do work we don't want to do - being able to work where we want to, when we want to, and never HAVING to work.  

How can you achieve financial independence?  And what is getting in your way? 

Click here to listen to my short audio

Click here for more Black Success audios

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Are You Wasting Precious Time?

Something to think about:

"Guilt is a manmade emotion and is a huge time/life waster. Yes, we all mess up from time to time, but there comes a time when you must let go and move on with your life. Forgiveness (Self and others) and Love are Divine." - Cyndi Harris 


  1. Which emotions (guilt, Forgiveness, or Love) do you indulge?
  2. Which ones dictate the direction of your life?
  3. How often do you allow yourself to relax in these Divine emotions?

Life is a joyful experience when you decide it should be.

Have a wonderful day.

Wishing you much love and unlimited joy,

Cyndi Harris, HP

Lifestyle and Relationship Coach @ Undeniably Irresistible

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"Soul, Body and Spirit" —

"Soul, Body and Spirit" — 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24
Dear Father, all worthy God,

Please give me the mind of Christ so that my body may be a temple of the spirit of holiness which is his.

May you yourself, O Father, make me holy through and through. May my whole spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless by your power at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I trust you to do this because you are the one who has called me, and you are faithful. Your word says that you will do it!

By the authority of Jesus and in his name I ask for this growth in grace. Amen.

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10744097073?profile=originalPlanning group respites are becoming more common place as women seek ways to broaden their networks, re-connect with friends and experience different environments on their “bucket lists.” Many women love the outdoors, exploring new places, have talents they want to share and want to get away to relax. They are willing to put aside their usual vacation habits and go on a girls' getaway with friends and strangers. With times so tough and many women want to save and forgo vacations, a girlfriends retreat is a perfect way to experience a wonderful place and join with other women while not spending a lot of money.

Citing “needing some downtime”, “looking forward…need stress relief”, “wanting to be with positive people” are some of the reasons why guests say they are on the Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard. They are waiting to exhale on this relaxing and rejuvenating week-long vacation. Taking place September 8-15 or September 15-22 women are connecting with friends from around the country.

Host of Sisters and Friends Getaway Connie Portis shares four suggestions essential to include in the overall planning, once the destination is secured. Make coordinating a retreat as exciting and relaxing for the host as it is for the guests:

Envision what a retreat means to you -Think about your ideal retreat and make a list of what makes it ideal to you.

Dissect the list -Identify the elements you think others would also enjoy are doable and affordable

Start from the last day of the retreat and back into a schedule. -Work your activities backwards to determine how much time you will need to execute the event and be sure to include everything else in your life in that schedule

Arrive in advance leave a little later -Give yourself onsite lead time to prepare space and take post-time to reflect and relax

Make your event special. On Sisters and Fiends Getaway, the nights in the house laughing, playing games, solving the world’s problems, and enjoying good meals and beverages are stress relieving and fun. The best features include making cross-country connections, its affordable, choose what to do and when to do it, no drama, peaceful.

If you are waiting to exhale in an inviting environment, join Sisters and Friends Getaway. Space is available for September 15-22. Visit for more information or call (412) 400-8809.

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Are You Open to Receive?

10744096057?profile=originalIf you are not achieving the results you want, this means you are blocking yourself.  Somewhere, you have a block to receiving, be it physical, emotional or psychological. 

Click here to read my blog: Are You Open to Receive?  And download my NEWLY UPDATED free ebook, "Achieving Success". 

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The Power of Social Media

I always thought that social media was just a waste or that it was too much time consuming. I mean you have to be active on facebook and twitter or whatever social media that is out there. I just have to say that social media is everything and the truth is that you have to go where the people or your future customers are. I must say that with my wickless candles sales has increased in the past month. It was slow at first with my sales. Then I started to join Facebook wax group and just start putting up picture without tell people to buy. Trust me most people don't like it when you're all in these social media tell people to buy, buy and buy. That is a big turn off. You have to first market yourself and then your products will sell it's self. I watch Youtube and yes guys...Youtube is also another great way to find your future customer. The reviews on my candles has been great along with the sales. So trust me social media is number one if you are trying to get your products out especially if it's different and unique.

visit my store and my facebook page.

Scandalicious Candle Melts

Facebook fan page



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Let me Style YOU!

I know how frustrating it can be to spend time stressing over what blouse to wear with what skirt or trying on twelve pairs of jeans only to find nothing fits right.

Well that's why I have started a 100% Online Personal Styling Business w/ Keaton Row.

I will work with your wardrobe needs, personal style preferences, and budget to help you look your best without all the stress. Now during Keaton Row's launch year all styling services are FREE!

You only pay for the items you choose buy, the prices are exactly the same through Keaton Row as the retailer.

I would LOVE to show you a few ways you can incorporate items into your wardrobe with NO OBLIGATION TO BUY.

Also I would LOVE to share a complimentary LOOKBOOK with you to show you how it works.

Contact me via email @ or check out my Stylist Profile and sign up @

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July 28, 2013 marks the 6 year anniversary of the BBWO Network.
To celebrate I have gifts and goodies to share:

(1) Download your complimentary copy of SistaSense Magazine featuring this years BBWO 50 Fabulous Entrepreneurs and great smart business advice from BBWO experts Cheryl Pullins, Tanya Smith and Katrina M Harrell. Click here to order a print copy of this issue.


(2) Need help promoting your business? Trying to figure out what your website really needs? Click here to watch the webinar replay "How to Effectively Sell Your Products and Services in Today's Market."


(3) BBWO Banner Promotion Contest - get 30 days promotion on BBWO. To enter simply leave a comment below and share a memorable experience you've had as a member of the BBWO Network.

Thanks so much to all of you who make BBWO all that it is and more. I couldn't have gotten our network this far without you.


LaShanda Henry,

BBWO Founder

p.s. For those of you who are non-members of this network, today you can use the code BBWO30 to sign up for $30 (one time membership fee).


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Juniques Multi Cultural Connections strikes "Communication Gold!".


Juniques Multi Cultural Connections now can help you reach offline and online communities around the world!! JMCC is constantly seeking ways to help multi cultural communities connect.

JMCC discovered "Communication Gold" when it connected with  All Nations TV Network

Juniques MultiCultural Connections, (  reaching the $11.8 Trillion multicultural market, now
offers advertisement on All Nations TV Network. This dynamo online and streaming programming
network is providing some of finest gospel, business, and family friendly shows you can find
on or off the net!!! Yes, All Nations TV is being streamed into homes across the country on the
Roku Network channel. Roku Network is streaming to 5 million households and All Nations TV Network has its own channel!!


  JMCC is proud to be able to help your reach a greater audience and provide ad cost savings.
check us out at  call me 623-455-6364 

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Hello Community,

I have to make sure you are aware of this up and coming company in the hair industry. Micore Intl is changing how the hair  extension industry does business. This is really a historical change you can be part of!!

check out Micore Intl Overview call,

Your own Hair business for $19.95

To HEAR this Recorded (July 23) 832-551-5608 Access Code 101455#, file 07232013#

join our team!!

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Take your business to Japan!!!

Hello JMCC community.
Do you want to do business in Japan?

Japan has the world's tenth-largest population, with over 126 million people.

Juniques Multi Cultural Connections encourage to explore the vast opportunities the multi cultural market offers. You need to network and stay connected!!

JMCC will help you do that!!! Join our online community at

You will need current information and resources to establish your business in Japan.

This organization can help you in this endeavor.


Promoting mutual trade & investment between Japan and the world

Sponsored by the Japanese Government, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) helps companies expand their business in Japan.

Find the experiences of some of our clients in North America who successfully expanded their business in Japan.

How to start doing business in Japan

JETRO helps U.S. companies set up office space in Japan quickly and cost effectively by providing expertise, resources, and industry connections. Because JETRO is an independent agency of the Japanese government, we are able to provide many of our services for free.

Some of our NO-COST Services Include:

Market Entry Information

Quickly & cost-effectively open your Japan office
Business Partner Matching

Meet potential Japanese partners through our free business matching events

Expert Business Consulting

Speak with business consultants who are bilingual and experts in various industries

Global Network

Access to our global network of company executives, advisors and more

Contact Us to see how JETRO can help your business in Japan.

JETRO can connect you with:

Potential business partners - JETRO can provide a list of potential partners and sometimes introductions to company representatives.

Recruiting companies - Circulate job descriptions among recruiting companies to fill a position or create a strong staff. Then use our IBSC to meet with recruiting company representatives and prospective employees.

Real estate agents - Technically, a company can work out of a residence, but if you wish to find an office,

JETRO can introduce you to our network of real estate agents who can give you price estimates for office

space around Japan.

Regional advisors - If you would like to establish an office outside of Tokyo, JETRO can work with regional governments to identify regional investment incentives and an ideal location for your business. You can

review preliminary information on Japan's regions here.


Japan could be your Land of Opportunity!!!

Japan Listeni/dʒəˈpæn/ (Japanese: 日本 Nippon or Nihon; formally 日本国 About this sound Nippon-koku or

Nihon-koku, literally "[the] State of Japan") is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific

Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from

the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south.

The characters that make up Japan's name mean "sun-origin", which is why Japan is sometimes referred to as the "Land of the Rising Sun".

Japan is an archipelago of 6,852 islands. The four largest islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku, which together comprise about ninety-seven percent of Japan's land area.

Japan has the world's tenth-largest population, with over 126 million people. Honshū's Greater Tokyo Area, which includes the de facto capital city of Tokyo and several surrounding prefectures, is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 30 million residents.

Join our online community at

Get your share of the $11.8 Trillion  multi cultural market in the US of A

The global marketplace is even greater!! Get position to prosper with this growing market!!!

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Hello Community,
Lets get to it!!!! Everybody DO NOT want to work for themselves.

Yes, I know all the advertisements scream

that myth at you , Daily!!!!!

The marketeers try to convince you having a JOB is not a good thing.
Who are they trying to fool?????
If you are not earning a income , who will purchase the good and services and business opportunities

they promote???


I ask you WHO???
Yes, they say JOB like it is a bad thing. You gotta be kidding !!!!
Everybody who follows this flawed logic, join the JUST OVER BROKE mantra.
Many do not even think about what they are advocating.
Well, here is my take. JOB stands for JOY, OVERCOMING BROKE! Say that daily.

Yes, every action I take to improve my income and lifestyle is supporting that realization.

That includes keeping an 8 TO 5 Yes, the 8 TO 5 allows me to pursue my passion, which is marketing and
promoting, working with online business operators, consulting with small business owner.
The 8 TO 5 handle basic operational cost like food, shelter, clothing. ( Remember, I am a home based
business owner/operator ), so I can generate additional income from doing my passion.
Now, imagine trying to do that without the operational cost being handled.


You, those who have had to do this, know

what I am talking about , it is difficult, to say the least.

Here is another irony to the Everybody wants to work for themselves myth.

 As business owners grow, acquire new customers, service existing customers, purchase goods and services,

etc. they quickly realize they need help.

Guess what they do next- Inquire about people looking for a JOB!!!!!

Yes, a JOB!!!!

Get it,

We all have a JOB, some work for themselves, some work for others. A JOB is a good thing!!!

Now, here is the reality one should be focusing on . Create multiple streams of income.

Create income producing assets.


Do not rely on one source of income i.e JOB.

Recognize and accept events change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not so good.
You want to be prepared either way. Have options, Create options.
Without options they is no choice, just situations.

Need help with creating your PLAN B? Want to know how to create income producing assets?
How to determine how many streams of income you will need to be financially solid??
Great!! I have suggestions!!!!! Email me at
Subject: Having a Job is ok with me show me how to create my Plan B!!!

Networkingly yours,



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Self-Publish Your Book

Do you dream of having a book published, but don’t know where to turn? Already have a book, but unsure of how to promote it? Looking for cost effective high-return strategies to market your book? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the following information is for you.

Many writers and aspiring authors are under the mistaken belief if their book is published by a publishing house they can sit back and watch sales miraculously happen. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fact is, competition to have your manuscript noticed and published by a large house is extremely fierce. Additionally, no matter who publishes your book, you absolutely must take an active roll in marketing, promoting and selling your book.

Moreover, profit margins are not extremely good when you go through a publisher. Sure, if you sell tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of books, you make substantial amounts of money. In reality only a small percentage of writers achieve this level of success.

A great model for achieving success is to self-publish and actively promote your book. Self-publishing is one of the best ways to get your manuscript to market quickly is to. Another great benefit of self-publishing is you have complete control of the creative process. You make the decisions on content, editing, cover design, title and you reap the profits.

A primary downside with self publishing are costs involved. Depending on whether or not you hire an editor, designer, layout person and cost of printing, the initial outlay for self-publishing a book can be several thousands of dollars for the first run. Besides there are no guarantees your book will sell. However, you can lessen your risk of costs and increase your level of sales with a simple formula.

Imagine if you could self publish with no out of pocket money. Additionally, imagine gaining lots of free publicity and visibility in your market at the same time. I know this to be true, because I have done it.

Here is how you will benefit with my proven technique:

Keep control. Maintain complete creative control and own your copyright with our non-exclusive agreement.

Get to market fast. Have your work published and available quickly.

Distribute globally. Reach readers worldwide by making your book available on and Amazon's European websites.

Earn high royalties. Set your list price and receive industry-leading royalties.

Publish easily. Use free tools to build and publish your book.

If you need help with formatting, professional book cover, website design and marketing services JW Business Start-Up Solutions can assist you with publishing your book.

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It's here! The SistaSense In Print Magazine Summer Issue is now available. This issue of SistaSense In Print Magazine celebrates the 6th anniversary of BBWO and features the 2013 “BBWO 50" Honorees - 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs who are members of Black Business Women Online Social Networking Community (

This issue also features articles like "Leaving your 9-to-5 to Run Your Business", "Great Web Tools for Web Business Owners", "Raising Your Prices without Losing Your Clients" and several other great articles for web women entrepreneurs.

To browse, download, or order a print copy of SistaSense Magazine go to - And if you would like to also download the 5 most popular issues for only $5 click here.

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When Extreme Focus & Concentration matters, try  ADDTabz from Gentech!


ADDTabz™ has been referred to as the new “Smart Drug” or “Study Drug" even though it is available in non-prescription formulation.

This new category (Smart Drugs & Study Drugs) is any drug or supplement designed to improve cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, problem solving and critical thinking.

They are sometimes called Nootropics which differ from other “productivity enhancers”, such as Adderall, in that they’re minimally taxing on the body and aid in the prevention of brain cell damage while providing analogous heightened cognitive function and mental clarity.

As students prepare to leave for college, many parents are online ordering sufficient supplies of ADDTabz for their children to take with them to college.

ADDTabz has become the Holy Grail for the students struggling to stay focused, and is helping so many people to stay on track with their studies.

This is an effective alternative to Adderal, without all the side effects, physician visits and expense.

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