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When you start your own business, you face many challenges when you first start out.  What are you going to sell? Who are you going to sell it to? Where and how are you going to sell it? And what are you going to charge?  These are all tough questions to answer when you are first starting out.  But the hardest one, I think, is what are you going to charge.

Setting your prices is no easy task.  The problem is you don't want to set your prices to low and undervalue yourself but you also don't want to overcharge and not get any clients because your prices are too high.  So the challenge is trying to find a price that is between the two.

So here's the thing...before you can determine your prices you have to figure out what your sales need to be in order to just break even.  But before you make a profit you have to know what it takes to simply just run your business.  Breaking even means you're not making a profit but you're not making a loss either.  You are net zero in the game.  All of your revenues equal all of your expenses.

Now once you figure that out, you need to determine how much you need to increase that number by in order to yield the profit that you desire to make.  Remember you got into business to make a profit not a loss.  So if you want to net a 10% profit, you need to increase your sales goal by 10%. Now the trick here is to be confident in whatever price or prices you come up with.  Be sure that the price you came up with is what you feel you are worth.  Ask yourself these questions - Do you have credentials to support these prices? Does the value of the work that you provide support those prices?  Do you have social proof to support these price and the fact that your services are good services?

The third thing you need to do is compare your new price to the prices others are charging in your industry.  Are they comparative, or way out of whack?  And by out of whack I mean way left field.  Completely outrageous.  If so you may need to re-group.  But beware - don't drop your prices to a much lower rate just because Chrissy down the street charges way less.  If your work supports your prices then stick to your guns.  Just make sure your not too far off the mark.  In some industries, a huge difference from the market could potentially kill you business success.

Did you struggle with setting your prices?  What mechanisms did you use to help you get clear on what your pricing should be?

Need help setting your prices?  Contact Sherrell for a business assessment session at

Sherrell Martin is the Founder and CEO of Empower 2 Thrive, LLC, a boutique practice offering financial management accounting and business success strategies.  She strives to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive financially in life and business by gaining financial control and creating wealth and legacy.  She helps business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with business and financial organization establish systems that will allow them to create, build and maintain a financially thriving business using accounting, finance and business strategy. To receive your free copy of her Start-Up Success Guide - The 10 Critical Steps to Building a Thriving Business from the Start and a FREE subscription to her Empowering You bi-weekly e-zine, send your request to

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What’s the BIG FUSS about WordPress!

It is all too easy to take WordPress for granted.


After all — you have to pay for most good things in life. The chair you’re sitting in, the operating system your computer is running on, many of the apps you use, and so on. WordPress is powerful enough to run just about any website you could ever dream of, and yet it is available to you free of charge.

But let’s not get too carried away. WordPress is free, and that is awesome. But is it the best solution? How often do you actually ponder whether or not one of the many free alternatives out there is a superior option? WordPress may be the most popular Content Management System (CMS) out there, but that does not necessarily make it the best.

So — What's the BIG FUSS about WordPress? What specific benefits does it offer that elevate it above the competition? Let’s see!

The Community

As I alluded to in my previous point, WordPress is powered by an absolutely enormous community of designers, developers, testers and users.

It is estimated that there are in excess of 72 million WordPress sites in existence, and nearly 15% of the top million sites in the world run on our favorite CMS. That kind of manpower and demand is unparalleled and arguably impossible to compete with.


WordPress is essentially one of the world’s biggest crowdsourcing projects. There are literally millions of people all around the world contributing to its ongoing development. In practical terms that translates into a product with mass appeal and awesome functionality.

Themes and Plugins

Speaking of mass appeal and awesome functionality, WordPress is basically a platform upon which almost any conceivable website can be built.

The theme and plugin repositories offer up literally tens of thousands of themes and plugins — completely free of charge. Our themes andplugins of the month series gives you an idea of the depth of quality that is on offer.

And that’s not to mention the premium offerings available. Although there are a gobsmacking number of quality free themes and plugins available, you can expect an even higher level of functionality and support from premium versions…

Pay for What You Need

…which leads me onto my next point. You can set up your own self-hosted WordPress site having paid for nothing more than a domain name and some hosting, and you can then utilize free themes and plugins to kit out your site as you see fit. It’s bootstrapping paradise.

However, if you do decide to take the leap and invest some money in premium products, you only need to pay for exactly what you need. If you have a specific requirement, the chances are that a theme or plugin has been developed to offer an excellent solution.

What is the cost to host your WordPress website with StudioGreen?

The only cost  for your wordpress website is the hosting.  We will host your website with the following services:

  • FREE Domain & Domain Renewal
  • FREE Online WordPress Tutorials
  • Unlimited Web Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

Hosting & Domain 

Only $5  per month

Give us a call and we will set it up for you!

Toll Free:  1.866.942.4580

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As a business owner, it is key that you understand the financials in your business and what they say about your business.  But so many business owners really don't have a clue.  I'm sorry if that sounds mean but it's true.

There is more to running a business than making deposits and paying expenses.  You have to understand where your money is coming from and where it is going.  You have to know how to look at a report and see that financial troubles are on the horizon. You have to be able to identify areas, products or services in your business that are cancerous to your business.

So to help you out I am going to share 5 financial business tips that all business owners should know.

1. Track all disbursements. 

I am a big advocate for using a software solution to maintain the tracking of your business finances.  It is a necessary tool to understanding where your money is being spent in your business.  Once you know where your money is going you will be able to make changes that can ultimately increase your cash flow.

2. Stop co-mingling.

I have said it before and I will say it again STOP CO-MINGLING YOUR PERSONAL EXPENSES WITH YOUR BUSINESS EXPENSES!  I'm sorry for yelling but I am so passionate about this.  Now don't get me wrong as a business owner I understand how hard it is to do this.  I get that it's easier to just swipe your business debit card than it is to write yourself a check and deposit it into a personal bank account.  Using your business account as a personal bank account is the #1 thing that will cause you to experience financial failure in your business.

3.  Pay your taxes.

Look - no one wants to pay taxes but the fact of the matter is that we have to.  So make sure that you have your accountant, CPA, EA, or tax preparer perform tax planning in your business minimally twice a year - in June and in November.  The reason for this is so that you know whether your business is tracking to make a profit and the tax implications on that profit.  AND so you are not surprised in April when your balance due is four figures or more.

4. Avoid impulse purchases.

In order to grow your business, you will have to make some major purchases at some point in time.  So plan and prepare for it, and avoid impulse shopping.  Take the time to budget for items so you will know your expected spend, and then plan what sales need to occur and the time frame for when you will be able to make these purchases.  If you want to take advantage of peak sales times like tax season, back to school or Black Friday, then plan your purchase for that time of the year.

5. Create budgets.

Speaking of planning and preparing - create budgets.  Yes that I said budgets - plural.  Creating and maintaining budgets is key to managing your cash flow.  you have to know where you expects your sales to come from and where you plan for it to go.  And the reason it is plural is because I'm not just talking about your annual budget; you should also create budgets for major product or service launches and definitely for events.  You don't plan a vacation without knowing what you plan on spending, so why would you plan a major event in your business?  Not creating a budget puts you in a position to overspend which will take more money out of your business and not the other way around.

What additional financial tips do you suggest for business owners?


Interested in learning more financial business tips for your business?  Contact Sherrell for a business assessment session at

Sherrell Martin is the Founder and CEO of Empower 2 Thrive, LLC, a boutique practice offering financial management accounting and business success strategies.  She strives to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive financially in life and business by gaining financial control and creating wealth and legacy.  She helps business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with business and financial organization establish systems that will allow them to create, build and maintain a financially thriving business using accounting, finance and business strategy. To receive your free copy of her Start-Up Success Guide - The 10 Critical Steps to Building a Thriving Business from the Start and a FREE subscription to her Empowering You bi-weekly e-zine, send your request to

All rights reserved.  © 2013

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#FitCEOs: Third Time’s a Charm

Lately I’ve been very very tired. I try to get as much rest at possible but that not helping. When I’m tired, I get depress and when I get depress I eat. Yeah, I’m an emotional eater. I eat with every emotion – happiness, sadness, bloating, and everything in between. I’ve even notice that some of my clothes are not fitting anymore.

Not good. Not good at all.

This has got to stop. I’m going back on my diet again. I’m not doing it for anyone but me. I don’t want to have to suck in my stomach just to take a decent picture. LOL

Operation #FitCEOs

Every month I am going to set goals for myself. I’m not going to worry about the numbers but how I look and feel. I don’t care if I sound like a broken record (heard this all before for me) but I’m not young anymore and can’t keep doing this. Hopefully, it will have a chain reaction with those around me. With my southern roots, this is going to be hard because the cooks in my family knows how to throw down. Just pray for me that I will stick to my guns, get and stay on a healthy lifestyle path.

My Goals for the next 30 Days (Starting the week of 8/18)

  • Limiting the amount of soda I drink. I love Pepsi but need to cut back. I’m limiting myself to 1 bottle or 2 cans of soda per week. Once I have one 20oz bottle, that’s it or if I have one 12oz can, I can only have another can, and then that’s it. To keep on track, if I eat fast food, I cannot get a soda as the drink, it will have to be juice or water.

[continue reading]

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ZNZ One pays you for getting people to Try Companies Trial Offer(s).

You do not pay one penny to join ZNZ ONE.

ZipNadaZilch (ZNZ) is an incentive website that represents major companies that are offering the latest and greatest products and services. By participating in our website and referring others to try what our advertisers have to offer you're able to earn free gifts from an iPod to a TV or whatever you'd like!

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Once you do choose an offer and

complete the requirements of that offer,

you can offer this, money making promotion options, to others and earn income from your referrals. 

I elected a bead making company as my choice, since I can earn money , by creating my own jewelry. 

I choose  this company because, it is an established company providing bead making instructions and  supplies for years.

Should elect this company, as your choice, ( simply beads), I will help you grow your online business and promote the bead products you create.

Now, this is my choice, you can choose any offer you like.

Whatever offer you complete,
I will help you promote your ZNZ ONE referral program.

I have many no cost promotion services.


You only have to complete an offer, once.
Your ZNZ ONE referral link is activated, as soon as you complete, ONE offer.
You may choose more, but not required!!

So, I win three  ways and you can too!
I created two income producing assets
( ZNZ ONE referral program  and making jewelry with supplies from the bead making company)


I am able to help others create the same income producing assets.

This is NOT a "Let others make money for you", or " Do nothing and get rich", or any other money making foolishness!! 

To the contrary, companies will always advertise.
Companies will pay people to help them advertise.
People need ways to generate income.

This is a simple 1, 2, 3,  process.

1 -
Join ZNZ ONE ( no cost to sign up)

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That is it!!!!


I will help you promote your ZNZ ONE business!!!!


PS  There are a Million and One ways to generate income. You just have to find the one way, that works for  you!!




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Yes, you read correctly... 126 dates in 42 days. And yes, I had an amazing time. Below is the main reason I am sharing this special teleconference with you is:

I heard a startling statistic. The statistic says...

"The average single has not been on a date in 2 years."

I was shocked when I heard this disturbing statement. 2 years, seriously, this cannot be true. But then, I started thinking about the stigma and difficulties some women have with online dating:

  • They get nervous.
  • Are unsure how to write a great profile that attracts really great guys.
  • Have been turned off by their own or other people's bad online experiences.
  • Etc.

With so many misconceptions and fears surrounding online dating, I understand it can be a challenge that most women will not pursue or if they had a bad experience in the past; may be scared to try again.

I am here to tell you once you understand how to properly use online dating it can be a wonderful way to:

  • Meet really good men.
  • Make new friends.
  • Relearn your current city and fun things to do with a fun companion.
  • If you are new to the area, safely meet new people and quickly learn your way around.
  • Have a really good time overall.
  • And so much more.

But, you must know how to do this correctly and with ease. Why? Because, according to online dating research:

Only 20% of the people registered with online dating site are actually going on dates, getting into relationships,etc. The other 80% are not.

Well, I can tell you from personal experience. It is much more fun being part of the successful 20% and if you are ready to get out of your dating funk. Then, sign up for this special and lively upcoming call.

I will share with you some of my secrets to successful online dating and relationships. Especially since is famous for quoting that "1 in 5 relationships start online." This is probably true with the numbers being even higher. So, join me for a really great time and some fun and useful information that will enhance your love life.

126 Dates in 42 Days - Secrets to Online Dating

Success Teleconference Call

Wednesday 8/28/2013 6p to 7p. EDT (3p to 4p Pacific)

You may register at:

to receive the call in information.

Wishing you much love and unlimited joy,

Cyndi Harris

Lifestyle and Relationship Coach

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Hello Community, Juniques Media Services

I am actively networking with many organizations. I get informed of a lot of online and offline business developments. Some companies are ready to command  market share in their industry.

I have searched for a long time for a company that would provide me this service. Directing people to a 800# and get paid.

Years ago, directing people to 800# and 900# was very lucrative.

That market still exist, however, very expensive to be part of those companies.

Thanks to 123MGroup, that is not the case. 

You may want to check this out and recommend. 


This service definitely is a great "fit" for people who mean it when they say "I do not like to sell", " I prefer not to be involved with MLM companies", " I have limited funds", " I do not have monies to purchases products I do not need or use".


I am sure you can add to this list of "why I do not get started in business".


Advertising is here to stay.  Companies are going to advertise.  Successful companies will seek new customers. Successful companies, will control their personnel cost, as they, acquire new customers.


This is a great benefit for vendors. They can reach more people and keep their acquisition cost low.

As promoters of 800#, we can a great income.


We urgently need advertising agents around the country. We provide you with a your own 800# acct to promote. No fees to join. WE will train you and we provide customer support for English and Spanish speaking persons.


We have many clients ready for their business to be advertised. You can promote online and offline Just have qualified people call your 800 number  and you can get paid!!!

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You are probably wondering what I mean by the old fashion way. Whenever I backup a WordPress site or blog for my clients or myself, I do it via a FTP program. Yes, I will sit and watch as files and folders are download to my computer, zip it all up and shipped it off to my dropbox so I can share it with the person I am doing the work for. Now I know there far more easier ways to do this such as using a cpanel (a control panel) provided on most hosting companies or a plug-in.

Backing up your website is important

However there can be some complications with these methods. For example, most hosting providers stated that they backup here severs on a regular basis. What happens if its not as often as you like or their servers go down and they loose all of the backups. The backs up by your hosting company shouldn’t be your only method. I can only imagine the amount of data lost two weeks ago in the massive outages of several popular and affordable hosting companies.

Continue reading on.....

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Hello Community, I am an active advocate of No Rejection Marketing. You should only be communicating with those who want you to. Your message should benefit your viewer. You must have a simple way for your viewer to pass on your message

(called viral messaging).  This tool I am showing you is simple to put to use and highly effective. I use it daily!!! Join Me

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Visit  Juniques Multi Cultural Connections, attracting the $11 Trillion Multi Cultural Marketplace

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Black Talk Radio: Take Action NOW

10744097294?profile=originalIt was announced a few days ago that most people in Britain are struggling with money and finances.  Most people are juggling their finances.  

In London there is a 55% unemployment rate among Black youth. 

Wherever you are in the world, there are people who are struggling and juggling financially.  You may be one of them, or know somebody who is. 

You can make profound changes in your life. 

Click here for this short audio: Take Action NOW

Click here for more Black Success audios

Here's to your success! 

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Hello JMCC Community, this information was provided by Micore Intl Independent consultant

Shazz Sharon Browne

Co-Owner, Artistic and Creative Director, National Sales Executive at Everliss Keratin Inc, CEO & Founder at Natra-Laxa and CEO, President and Founder at PINK CHIXXX by Shazz ('Xtreme. 'Xceptional & 'Xtraordinary')


Do you or anyone you know suffer from hair-loss?

Mistakenly thought to be a strictly male disease, women actually make up forty percent of American hair loss sufferers.

Depression, anxiety and insecurity are just a few of the common symptoms women experiencing any type of uncontrollable hair-loss would suffer.

It's one thing if we choose to chop all our hair off, and another to see it fall off or disappear without any rhyme or reason.

Many women suffer in silence and may hide under some type of prosthetic or head wrap.

There is a solutions for this situation and it's called enhanceHer and enhanceHim.

This miracle product works at the Trans-Follicular level and promotes hair growth, even in cases where some women thought that their case was hereditary or genetic, they have been able to attain favorable results.

The image below has not been altered or enhanced in anyway and is of a real person, who happens to be the mother of one of my professional colleagues.

Her (the model) mother and sisters also suffered with this same condition, so it is not unreasonable to assume that it may have been diagnoses as being hereditary. She was told and believed that her hair was not ever going to grow back.

The scientist who invented this product, recommends using it for a period of 90 days to attain optimum results. However, as you will see in the image, the evidence of new hair growth was present in just 3 short weeks.

After 4 months she was able to braid her hair, something she had not been able to do for years... You may purchase this amazing Hair Growth Enhancement product here:


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Hi JMCC Community,

Have you checked out Vistaprint yet? Use my link to get $10 off personalized business cards, stationery, invitations and more. They have great products and even greater deals on all your

printing needs, business cards, flyers, banners, etc.

You get $10 off your first order and I get $10 in return. It’s a win-win for both of us.Make sure you use this link to get your exclusive discount:

Click here to save $10 on your printing order

Talk to you soon,

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Hello community, this gentleman is very passionate about what has happen in the hair extension industry. I like his "take" on the matter.
I believe Micore Intl is starting a consumer movement that will be "felt" by  the hair extension industry. 
The movement has begun we are revolutionizing the Hair & Beauty Industry by changing the thinking and position of the consumers that have been fueling 80% this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry only to be disrespected and sold an inferior product by the people who control 98% of the beauty supply stores.

Time for the consumers to stop cutting each other's throats for less than 2% of the market place and take control of an industry we've never owned because we been to busy fighting over 2% and giving away 98% for decades!

Micoré is taking back that 98% time for the consumers to become investors putting that money back into you pockets and channeling it back into you communities here is your chance to change your future Become Part Of The Micoré Family!!!  click here for more info on Micore Intl and how to start your hair business for $19.95 month
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Juniques Multi Cultural Connections open an online store for members. Entries are FREE.

JMCC is constantly expanding the access to multi cultural markets. This is just one of the many ways JMCC is becoming a major influencer to attracting the Trillion dollar multi cultural market
check out JMCC Social Store

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come on and post your items for sale

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If you need Quality Leads to grow your home based business, then check out this SYSTEM that you can get at NO Cost!

You literally can have your own Lead Generating System (Free Forever) that generates a Massive Amount of Leads on Auto Pilot!

So what's the catch you might wonder ...

The company that created this Lead Generating System also offers a paid version which is purely OPTIONAL.

So worst case, you sign up for and keep their version with NO Cost ... and IF you want to upgrade then that's up to you.

This system literally generates a Massive Amount of Quality Leads on Auto Pilot. Why not try it as there's no monthly fee ever!

Get Your Free Lead System Here!

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Hello community, the better informed you are about the Affordable Care Act ( Obamacare), the better your decision will be. Do Not get fooled by the hype!!! Get Informed. 


Juniques Multi Cultural Connections

Blue Cross/ Blues Shield is actively going after this newly created health insurance market!!  

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- Just down from the Target and Gander Mountain big-box stores and between a nail salon and dental office, North Carolina's largest health insurer opened its first retail store.

It has some exercise offerings — step aerobics classes and stationary bike workouts — but for now, its main product is providing in-person information about changes coming in October with the health insurance overhaul law.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is opening half a dozen of these offices in strip malls statewide to first educate and then, starting in October, enroll consumers shopping for coverage because of the federal Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare." Blue Cross affiliates in Florida and Pennsylvania have had similar stores open for years.

click here to read complete article

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Website Rotator, will have your webpage, viewed by thousands.

Juniques actively promote our website rotator service to thousands, which ensure your webpage will get viewed, many times.

If you offer is great you should get many inquiries and/or sells.

If you just want to share your message this is a great way to do it. 

$5 for 30 days

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Juniques offer an exclusive category for you to place your ad -

Multi Cultural

Multi Cultural commerce generates $11 Trillion in the USA annually!!!

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Micore Intl, introduces Front Lace Wigs, Cavier Silver w/3month warranty

Hello Community,
I am please to share this update
(view  623-455-6364 )

Micore Intl just announced it has open its virgin remy line of wigs.
100% Virgin Remy with a 3-month Warranty on Matting & Excessive Shedding!
All wigs shipped from Florida Headquarters!
Micore Intl is setting a NEW standard for the companies who provide
hair extensions.

Micore Intl is tearing down the limited access people had to starting
hair extension business.

Join the Micore Int MOVEMENT!!!!


It’s TIME to STOP buying hair extensions and get nothing in RETURN!

It’s TIME to Join the Multi-Billion Dollar hair business as a Certified

Micoré Hair Consultant!

Earn Great Part-Time or Full-Time Income Today, Tomorrow and for years to


Micoré (mi-core-ray) is on a Mission to become the single largest seller of

hair extensions in the World! We can accomplish this with hundreds of

thousands of Independent Representatives purchasing and selling Micoré

products. As a true Multi-level Marketing Company for hair extensions and

hair care products, we provide another option to what has been available


OPTION #1 THE OLD WAY: Thousands of people across the globe sell hair from

their salon, store, home, or trunk of their car. This method requires you to

invest thousands of dollars into inventory and finding the right supplier,

which means RISK. The money that you earn is solely from the sales that you

make, and when you’re not selling…you’re not making any MONEY! This is called

the efforts of ONE!

OPTION #2 THE MICORÉ WAY: Maximize your earning potential while minimizing

your risk as a Micoré Consultant! Enroll others into Micoré and build teams

of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of Micoré Consultants in your

organization! Now instead of your income being from the efforts of ONE, you

earn from the efforts of MANY! Earn residual income even when you’re on

vacation! While you are sleeping, your Team Members are still selling and

building THEIR teams! With Micoré you can finally build a consistent residual

income, and build wealth for you and your family!

view  contact Rickey at  623-455-6364

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